Sometimes, you just need a leg up to help you through a difficult situation.

A Corpus Christi family has won a brand new Clean Air Lawn Care franchise valued at over $36,000. Wes and Marcia Neukam will be starting their Clean Air Lawn Care franchise in Corpus Christi in March. They hope to service their lawn care business’ clients using Clean Air’s methodology of clean, quiet, & renewable energy. Electric and biodiesel lawn care equipment helps reduce emissions of CO and hydrocarbons compared to traditional gasoline lawn mowers according to the Clean Air website.

The prize of a new lawn care franchise comes at a time when the Neukams are dealing with family health issues. Marcia and Wes are expecting. However, Marcia is expecting a complicated birth since the baby has holoprosencephaly which causes neurological problems.

Our thoughts go out to the Neukams as they grow their family and launch their brand new Clean Air Lawn Care franchise.