Have you ever bartered services or products in return for lawn care business services?

In our Lawn Care Business training course we describe how you can barter your services.  One of the very interesting lessons we teach is how you can very easily barter your lawn mowing duties in exchange for advertising from your local media companies.  Radio stations, television stations, newspaper companies, and many other advertising agencies all have physical locations and they all understand that a beautifully landscaped business location will help them display an aire of professionalism which will help them sell more advertising.

If you are thinking about purchasing advertising for your lawn care business this year consider bartering your lawn care services before you take out your checkbook.  You may very well find that advertising agencies are very willing to barter services instead of taking your money.

Beware, bartering is normally considered a taxable event by the IRS.  Please check with your tax professional.
To learn some of the inside tips of bartering your lawn care business, check out the business training course on our main webpage:

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