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There are several attributes of professional lawn care companies that will differentiate them from amateurs.

One big difference between professional and amateur lawn care companies is attention to detail. Amateurs get the job done as quickly as possible, charge a low price, and move onto the next lawn. Sure, the grass is cut and the customer is satisfied (for the price) but the lawn often doesn’t have the finely groomed and finished look of a professionally cut lawn.

Professional yard maintenance companies take a few extra minutes to finish their jobs correctly. As such, commercial landscapers can charge their customers a premium over amateurs. Professionals make more money, in the long run, than amateurs who leave their grass cutting jobs unfinished.

I came across a great example of an imperfectly performed lawn care job today. The grass was cut and the weedeating was done but the lawn care company skipped the detail work. Specifically, instead of properly blowing the grass off the road, the workers left the grass on the road surface.

Blow Grass Off Road for a Professional Lawn Care Appearance

If you want to operate a Professional Lawn Care company and get paid professional prices, pay special attention to the small details. They are the difference between your reputation as a professional landscaper versus an amateur with a lawn mower.

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Start A Lawn Care Business