2010 has been one of the coldest winters in recent memory in the Southeast.  We have experienced about 4 snowfalls and temperatures deep into the teens.  Our friends in the northern states probably don’t think that’s too bad a winter but, for us, it’s harsher than normal.

snow and the lawn care business

Though it’s far from over, winter’s grip is loosening this weekend.  With the temperature above 50 for three days straight and brilliant sunshine beating down today, I’ve observed wild garlic (commonly mistaken for wild onion) sprouts springing up in lawns all over our area.  Lowes and Home Depot are selling out of mulch bags and homeowners, working out in their lawns, are experiencing spring fever in unprecedented numbers.

If you are a new lawn care business owner you must feel compelled to pound the pavement and drive the roads in your area this season.  Right now is one of the very best times of the year to get new lawn care customer contracts for the upcoming mowing season.

I have a goal for you this week.  Do remember my 100 Door Knocks challenge I posed for your lawn care business as an advertising campaign last year?  How would you feel about revisiting that challenge this week by attempting to make contact with no less than 49 new customers. 

If you start tomorrow by making contact with a minimum of 7 new potential customers each day, you will deepen your reach by 49 new contacts by this time next week.

7 per day?  You should be able to speak with seven new people in just a couple hours each day.  A couple hours per day in February will reap HUGE rewards once the mowing season actually gets started.

Take advantage of winter’s break by getting out while the sun is shining.  Though colder weather is forecast again soon, it will make you feel warm that you have already increased this year’s customer list.

Once you get those customers, what do you do with them??? If you’re having trouble making the most of your existing customers and you want to know how to raise prices and make more money in 2010 than you made in 2009, pick up our Lawn Care Business package.  It is jam-packed with information to turn your lawn care business into a success.

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