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Springtime Lawn Care & Landscaping Contracts – Make More Money

Bidding Lawn Mowing Contracts for 2012

Lawn Care Contracts are Great Sources of Extra Money

Lawn Care is a Competitive Business.

Many lawn care companies suffer with underbids and lowball prices. They “THINK” they have to cut prices to get customers.

Have you ever thought about starting a lawn care company? You owe it to yourself to make the most money possible for your work. Successful lawn care companies learn bidding strategies that make the most money possible. They don’t underbid and they don’t cut their prices.

Lawn Care is a competitive business. If you want an advantage over your competition, you MUST possess strong pricing strategies. You will never make money by undercutting your completion’s prices. You will make great money by learning how to price your lawn care jobs effectively and profitably.

We have developed our guidebook and estimating software to educate other lawn care business owners. If everyone prices properly, we all make more money.

Our lawn care business package includes:

– Lawn Care Business Guidebook (90 Pages Jam Packed with real-world instructions, tips, tricks, and tutorials).
This is an actual book….NOT AN “E-BOOK.”
– Business Toolkit – Estimating Forms, Business Letters, Bid Proposals, Contract Examples.
– Tutorials – How-To do the work efficiently and professionally.
– Video Training – How-To’s that teach you how to operate a professional lawn care business.
– Estimating Software – Never underestimate a lawn again.

The program is on sale this month for only $53.95 (Includes Shipping). Click the “Add To Cart” button to order.

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When rain alters your lawn mowing schedule.

As your mowing schedule fills with regular lawn care customers and mowing contracts, rainy days and other delays will have you scrambling for extra time to get your mowing schedule back on track.

Though it’s a great problem to have, a schedule that is too full will wind up costing you money in the long run.

Why is a packed schedule a bad thing? There are inevitable delays in the lawn care business. Traffic delays, lawn care equipment breakdowns, and job-time misestimates are norm for the lawn care business. With these scheduling stressers the only thing you need is a rain delay to throw you completely off schedule. High quality lawn care customers are difficult to come by. If they feel you are neglecting their lawns (even due to a rain delay) they will drop you for other lawn care companies that are more attentive.

How can you handle rain delays? We have found many methods for effectively planning for rain delays.

The first method is to plan a realistic schedule for your lawn care customers. If you can reasonably mow 15-20 yards per day, don’t schedule 25 lawns per day. It is unrealistic that you can keep up with a 25% overrun of your maximum. It is understandable that you want to get as many customers as possible but one way to keep your schedule manageable is to cull out the less profitable lawns as you replace them with better customers.

Second; keep a mandetory minimum of 1/2 day per week for catch up work. Since Friday is a common day for people wanting their lawns cut, I have always scheduled the second half of Thursday as my make-up day. This is good for two reasons. Early week rain delays can be made up on Thursday. If rain is expected Friday, a quick call to Friday clients will allow me to move them up to Thursday and their lawns will still look good for the weekend.

The last method is to communicate with your customers. Lawn care clients do not want to guess when you will mow their lawns. When you first realize that you are behind schedule, call them on the phone to let them know when you expect to mow. Here is a GREAT tip that will make your customers feel better about the delay. Resist the urge to tell them that you are too busy and will get to their lawns “when you can.” Instead, explain that mowing wet grass damages the turf and it is better for the lawn to wait until it has dried. This simple statement will let them know that you have their best interests at heart and you are truly caring for the grass.

There are many stressors to running a lawn care business. However, if you take a calm, clear, proactive approach, your lawn care business can run as smoothly (and profitably) as possible.

We have been associated with the lawn care industry for 2 decades and we know what it takes to get a business up and running quickly and effectively. We have developed a lawn care business program (with estimating softwre) that will help you with your business.

For more information, visit this webpage:

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Lawn Care Business – Don’t Be Afraid to Start Small

Lawn Mower Man

Lawn Care Business? Don't Be Afraid to Start Small

Do you want to start a lawn care business but you’re afraid of starting too small?

I took this picture as I was stopped at a traffic light. Yes, it’s a funny picture but you have to admire that this guy is out there making an effort. He isn’t afraid of starting small.

No Money To Start A Lawn Care Business?

I received a call this morning from a man who wants to start a lawn care business but he simply doesn’t have much money and is afraid he won’t be able to compete with the guys with fancy mowers and lawn care trailers full of equipment. I often receive similar calls and I often offer the same advice:

“it doesn’t matter how small you start and how cheap your lawn care equipment is. If you work smart and price your jobs properly you will be able to grow your business quickly.”

We started our lawn care business in 1992 (20 years ago) with a $150 lawn mower purchased from Kmart, a Poulan Weedeater, and a handheld leaf blower. That weedeater was terrible but with this basic equipment we mowed hundreds of lawns in the first few months to earn enough money to buy commercial equipment. With commercial equipment we were able to begin bidding commercial contracts and within a few months were making great money and growing the business rapidly.

Professsional Lawn Care Business Guidebook and Software

During the past 20 years associated with the lawn care industry we have experienced practically every type of lawn care job you can think of. And, we have poured all of that information into the Lawn Care Business Guidebook and Software Package. This is a huge business course that will take you from the very beginnings of your lawn care business (business formation, buying equipment, advertising, gaining clients, setting prices) to the more complex problems (expanding your business, bidding large scale contracts, hiring employees). Practically everything you could ever want to know about running a successful lawn care business is included.

On Sale Now

The business program is less than $50 and you can learn more about it on our main website (click the link at the top of the page). We are always happy to help. So, if you have questions, just let us know.

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Lawn Care Business Customer List – Mid Summer Expansion

We dedicate a large portion of our lawn care business guidebook to the concept of building a highly profitable lawn care client list. You can learn how to turn your low profit customers into a highly profitable lawn care business customer list that will make you thousands more dollars between now and the end of the year.

Low Profit Lawn Care Customer List

If you operate a lawn care business, you probably know the relative ease of gaining customers through competitive (lowball) bidding practices and expensive advertising. While the strategy of lowball bidding and expensive advertising will build a large client list, it is probably not a desirable customer list. Unfortunately, many new lawn care companies fall into the trap during their first few months in business of acquiring low paying customers with difficult to manage lawn care needs.

Highly Profitable Lawn Care Customers

Now that summer is in full swing, it is time for you to weed out your low-profit customers and begin building a highly profitable customer list. By now, you have identified your good customers versus the ones that are barely making you any money for the amount of time and effort you spend on their lawns.

The questions you probably have are:

1) Should I drop low paying customers?

2) How can I attract higher paying customers?

We do not suggest you drop low paying customers as a first course of action? Instead, our lawn care business training course supports methods of increasing the amount of money your customers pay you each month. Increased rates and nominal services increased with higher profit margins will dramatically increase the amount of money each customer pays you. Yes, you might lose some customers. However, we have developed a solid customer psychology strategy to help you retain many, if not most, of your customers.

Lawn Care Business Training Guide

Higher paying lawn care customers can be attracted via careful marketing of your lawn care business. Again, our lawn care training guide teaches you how to specifically target higher paying customers and develop strategies to build a highly profitable list of high paying customers.

If you are languishing with low paying lawn care customers, take steps right now to increase the profit of each lawn care customer.

Visit our main website (click the “Start A Lawn Care Business” link at the top of this page) to learn more about our lawn care business training course.

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2012 Tax Payments for Lawn Care Companies

Making Quarterly Tax Payments for your Lawn Care Business

Quarterly Estimated Tax Payment Schedule - 2012

Start A Lawn Care Business

If you own a lawn care business (or other small service based business) you are probably worried about making timely estimated tax payments.

Generally, according to the IRS website, there is a four payment date tax schedule which will keep you on track with your payments so you do not face a large settlement at the end of the fiscal year.

Quarterly Tax Dates:
April 17, 2012
June 15, 2012
September 17, 2012
Januray 15, 2013

Unfortunately, many small business owners do not pay their estimated taxes throughout the year. Come April 15, those business owners are often surprised by the amount of taxes they owe.

While making quarterly estimated payments is fairly straightforward, every business’ tax structure is slightly different. Please consult the IRS website and your accountant for specific instructions for your business.

Though we are not accountants and cannot give tax advice, we have been involved in the lawn care industry since 1992 and can give you solid advice about operating a successful lawn care company. In fact, we have produced a professionally designed lawn care business training course and software package that will help you start and operate a successful lawn care company.

For more information about the program and to order at our sale price, please visit our main website at the link below:

Start A Lawn Care Business

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Lawn Care Contracts – Make Money with Mowing Contracts

How to make money with lawn care contracts.

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Tornadoes, Storm Damage, and your Lawn Care Business

Tornado and Storm Damage – Your Lawn Care Business

If you live in the south, southeast, midwest, or northeast you have probably been affected by storms this week.

Tornadoes, blowing through my city today, have caused a tremendous amount of damage to houses, cars, and landscaping. In fact, if you watch the news tonight, you will probably see my area.  The damage is terrible and peoples’ lives have been greatly affected.
Already, crews are out with chainsaws clearing trees off roadways, powerlines, and houses.
Once the immediate emergency has been dealt with, the cleanup will continue for weeks.  If you have a lawn care company, right now is an excellent time to make money providing storm damage cleanup. Those people in need will truly thank you for your services.
It is terrible that unfortunate people (and their property) in the line of the storm have been harmed by this severe weather.  However, they will be grateful that your lawn care company will be able to clean up their landscaping, restore their yards, and replant damaged trees.
If you own a lawn care company and want to make money by offering storm cleanup services, our Lawn Care Business guidebook and software package will help you with your marketing to acquire customers.  The estimating software is a great tool that will help you determine prices for your work.
This is a perfect time to start your own lawn care business.  To learn more about our comprehensive lawn care business program, visit our main website at the link below:
Storm Damage Cleanup and your Lawn Care Business

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Ethanol in your Lawn Mower Engine?

As an increasingly larger number of lawn care business owners are growing weary of the rumored effects of 10% Ethanol, gasoline stations are continuing to offer 100% gasoline. We have previously mentioned in this blog post our concern with possible effects of ethanol so much so that we are willing to visit gas stations that sell 100% gasoline.

Just this morning, I visited a new gas station in our area that offers 100% gasoline.  Instead of selling “No-Ethanol Gasoline” station wide, it offers one nozzle at each pump that dispenses 100% gasoline at an additional charge of 10 cents per gallon.

100% No Ethanol Gasoline for Lawn Mower Engines

100% No Ethanol Gasoline For Lawn Mower Engines

Have you experienced troubles with 10% ethanol gasoline in your lawn mower, leaf blower, and weed eater engines?

The recommendations of lawn mower repair experts to use 100% gasoline is enough for us to spend an extra 10 cents per gallon to offset possible increased rates of engine damage.   Even if ethanol does not contribute to lawn mower engine damage, the increased resale value of our equipment when we are able to tell purchasers that we used only 100% gasoline during the life of the equipment will be enough to repay us for the additional cost of 100% No-Ethanol Gasoline.

Please tell us your thoughts with a comment below.

AND….if you are thinking about starting your own lawn care company, please read over our website to learn about our Lawn Care Business training course.  Included in the course is a “Lawn Care Equipment Buyer’s Guide” which will help you determine the correct equipment to purchase for your lawn care company.

Buying Commercial Lawn Mowers

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Lawn Care Business on Facebook

Lawn Care Business on Facebookacebook has almost 1 billion subscribers. Chances are almost everyone you know (including your entire customer base) is on Facebook.

Lawn Care Business owners can benefit greatly from an active presence on Facebook. Facebook can be used as free marketing and you only need a few extra minutes to keep your customers up-to-date with your lawn care business.

We are on Facebook too and you can find us at:

If you want to learn advertising methods that really work for your lawn care business,
visit our website at:

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Merry Christmas from Start A Lawn Care Business

Hi Everyone:

We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.
Take a holiday from your lawn care business and spend quality time with your friends and family for a few days. The grass will still be there after the holidays. 🙂

Best luck in the New Year:


Start A Lawn Care Business

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