I got fired from my job and started a lawn care business.Many of the people who purchase our lawn care business program are just trying to make extra money to supplement their weekly paychecks. Then again, many other people are looking to immediately start doing lawn care as a full time business.

A couple weeks ago, we received a telephone call from a guy who had recently been fired from his job. He had not been laid off. He had been flat out FIRED with no possibility of collecting unemployment benefits!!! This guy sounded really distraught. He was panicing and calling us for help starting his lawn care business before he had to tell his wife the horrible news about losing his job.

“How quickly can I start my business?” “How much money will it cost for lawn care equipment?” “How much money can I make in my first month doing lawn care?”

I tried to answer his questions as succinctly as I could but many questions, such as those dealing with monthly income, are difficult to answer because that answer depends on many individual variables. I let him know that the Estimating Calculators that are included with the lawn care software are a GREAT help in determining the amount of money to charge customers and they will help him determine his monthly income. Our program goes into great detail about how to start a lawn care business, what types of lawn care equipment to purchase, how to build a customer list very quickly, how much money to charge your customers, how to perform the work and make it look professional, how to bid on large lawn care contracts, etc. etc.

After almost 10 minutes on the telephone answering his questions about the value of our lawn care business program, he decided to order the package over the telephone with his credit card. As soon as I took his information and received an approval from his Credit Card company, I could hear a sigh of relief on his end of the phone. “WHEWWW!!!”

I asked if he was okay. He just said that he was still worried about telling his wife about getting fired but he felt he was taking steps in the right direction. He was very excited about getting his business started. I told him that getting fired might be the best thing that ever happened to him and that he should tell his wife about the AWESOME (not bad) news that he has to tell her.

In a quick 10 minute phone call, he went from being an unemployed loser with no job and no income to being a self-motivated entrepreneur starting his own lawn care business.

If you are in a bad financial situation and want to start your own lawn care business, take a serious look at our Lawn Care Business program. We have packed it full of almost 20 years of business experience. It will take you from your first days of starting your business to growing to the point where you need to hire employees.

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