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Father’s Day: Help him start a lawn care business.

Father’s day this year is June 16, 2013. Instead of a boring necktie, how about helping Dad start his own lawn care business so he can make money to buy the things he really wants?

Here is a secret lots of men don’t want you to know. Cutting grass is actually fun. It’s a chance to work with machinery, accomplish a task, and be alone with you thoughts without people bothering you.

What would make cutting grass even more enjoyable?…getting paid money to do it and not have to go to a job every day. Even if he only wants to mow a few yards each week, he can make good money in a short period of time.

If this sounds like the man in your life, help him start his own lawn care business right away.

We started our lawn care business in 1992 and we know what it takes to own and operate a successful lawn care & landscaping company. We have developed a comprehensive lawn care business program which includes manuals, bidding tutorials, equipment guidelines, and estimating software.

For more information and to order the lawn care business program, click this link:

Lawn Care Business Information and Estimating Software

Here’s a fun song our friend “The Singing Nurse” made for Father’s Day. See….cutting grass is really fun.

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Father's Day June 21, 2009 Lawn Care

Father’s Day is June 21, 2009

If you are like millions of people around the country, you haven’t even begun to think about a gift to buy for your Father this coming Father’s Day. Father’s Day will be here before you know it. Before you drive out to the mall or Wal-Mart and spend an hour shopping for something he probably won’t like anyway (sorry, truth hurts) take a moment to think about buying him something that will truly benefit him and his life.

Earning Money is Important to Fathers

What is important to most Fathers? Money, right? Not just money itself but money as a way to provide for their families, to put food on the table, to pay the rent/mortgage, and to pay for the niceties that make life enjoyable. Especially in these hard economic times, any man with a family is worried about his ability to maintain finances.

Though it might seem unlikely, starting a lawn care and landscaping business can be a quick way to generate almost immediate cash. Lawn care can also be a long-term business that can grow over time. Starting his own business may be a life changing event.

About Men (especially Fathers)

Let me tell you a quick fact about most men (I am one so I should know). There is a reason men don’t want to stop to ask for directions. There’s a reason men are reluctant to ask for help. We want to figure things out on our own. We are explorers and pioneers. We are hunters and gatherers. We are cavemen and Vikings. Armed with only a club we will kill the fiercest beast and drag it home for dinner.

Okay, that would all be well and good if we were living a million years ago. But we’re not living a million years ago. We’re living in the present and there are consequences to trying things on your own. There is help available today and there is no stigma accepting help from others.

Help Him Start a Lawn Care Business

Starting a lawn care business is no different than being a pioneer except for the fact that it doesn’t have to be done alone. There should not be any stigma accepting help in starting a lawn care business. But, men are men and sometimes reluctant to ask for help. This is where you should step in for the Father in your family.

Business Start-Up

The ( ) business program is designed to help in starting your own lawn care business. From the first days of your business plan, learning about licenses, knowing how to advertise and what equipment to buy, the business program takes you through practically every step of operating a successful lawn care and landscaping business. We have been in the business since 1992 and we have done everything from small $20 lawns all the way up to large multi-year government mowing contracts. All our years of knowledge and experience has been poured into the program.

Father’s Day Gift

If you would like to get your Father the best Father’s Day present ever and not make him face starting his own business alone, get him the complete Lawn Care Business program.  It includes a full series of business  manuals, business software, training videos, and estimating & bidding software.   It’s on sale right now in time for Father’s Day.

Visit our homepage at:

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