Do you give presents to your lawn care customers at Christmas time?

Probably not but I have always thought it nice to send lawn care customers handwritten notes thanking them for their business during the preceding 12 months. Customers like to know that they are appreciated and they don’t expect presents from you.

Though you don’t give presents to your customers, you can help your customers with their gift giving. Let your customers know that if they have trouble finding gifts for anyone on their Christmas lists, you are happy to happy to provide lawn care on a one-time basis or through out the coming mowing season.

I have often had clients that paid me to maintain landscaping and provide lawn care for elderly parents that can no longer maintain their grass themselves. An entire year of lawn care makes a great Christmas present.

You have a few days to offer this to your customers. So, let us know if any of your customers take you up on this offer.

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