Lawn Care Business - How to make money at Christmas

Lawn Care Business - How to make money at Christmas

Well here we are. 2012 is knocking on our doors as 2011 withers to a close. If you are in the lawn care industry, you have one last chance to pad your end of year revenue figures before the calendar year closes.

Since Christmas 2011 is on a Sunday, next week (December 19 – December 23) is a PRIME week to contact all your current lawn care clients. Prepare a 30 second sales presentation to let them know that you are offering last minute yard cleanup services. Tell your lawn care customers that you are available for one last pre-Christmas mowing, leaf raking, shrubbery bed maintenance, gutter cleaning or (for those of you in snowy areas) snow removal.

I have tried this strategy many years. Most years, more than 50% of my clients have had last minute lawn care related jobs for my lawn company to perform. Not only have my lawn care clients been thankful that I am willing to come out for a last minute “rush” job, they have been willing to pay a premium price and sometimes even through in an end-of-year Christmas bonus.

Imagine if you have 40 lawn care clients and you can sell 50% of them a $50 lawn care related service during the final week before Christmas. If you can do that, you will make your lawn care company an additional $1000. Most lawn care business owners I know can use an extra grand at Christmastime.

Though 2011 is at an end 2012 is about to begin and springtime will be here before you know it. If you are interested in starting a lawn care business, consider purchasing our lawn care business training course. The course is packed with very useful information and business tools designed to help you start and operate a successful lawn care business. The course also includes a VERY USEFUL series of estimating calculators that will help you determine your lawn care pricing.

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