I came across a headline today from Kansas City. Apparently, the city of Kansas City is owed $1.26 million in unpaid Lawn Care bills. With the current state of the economy and the real estate bust, Kansas City is being forced to maintain foreclosed properties and vacant lots. The total bill Kansas City has racked up is over $1.26 million. That’s a lot of money.

Now, not to toot our own horns…but “TOOT TOOT.” The lawn care business training program offered through our website has specific instructions on how to get involved with your city public works department cleaning up and mowing grass on abandoned and foreclosed properties. We have been instructing lawn care business owners on this lucrative segment of the lawn care industry for nearly 10 years.

We show you how to get on the city bidding list, inside secrets on how to increase your chances of winning lawn care bids, and how to estimate the work to be done. Without this information, your lawn care company is twisting in the wind. Without knowing how to properly bid on these city contracts, your lawn care company might be losing out on millions of dollars of lawn care related work.

Now, K.C. might be a peculiar case but most cities across the country are struggling with abandoned properties that need their grass maintained. If you are interested in making money mowing grass on abandoned and foreclosed properties, I urge you to purchase the Start A Lawn Care Business training material and estimating software. You will be leaps ahead of your competition.

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