As developers of the Start A Lawn Care Business we receive many questions this time of year concerning the purchase of commercial lawn equipment.

It amazes us how many landscaping companies purchase mowing equipment because they think they are getting a “good deal” only to find that a particular mower is the wrong fit for their company.

Retail Lawn Mowers vs Commercial Grass Cutting Equipment:
We understand the need to save money especially when you are starting a lawn care company. However, purchasing consumer lawn equipment as your primary mowing machine is a disservice to you and your customers. Commercial mowers offer far greater quality in deck strength, welds, and transmission.

The right style:
Zero Turn Mowers are the latest “must have” in the lawn care industry. We agree that ZTR’s and other zero radius mower are efficient for a wide range of lawn applications. However (and this is just one example) if you live in a hilly part of the country where your yards are not reasonably flat, there may be a better choice than a zero turn mower your lawn company.

The right size:
It happens every year; a purchase decision is made over a new commercial lawn mower, financing is finalized, paperwork is signed, then when the LCO comes to pick up the mower, he finds his trailer is too small. Or, even worse, he realizes many of his customers have fenced back yards and the new “36 inch” mower’s grass guard adds too much width and the mower won’t fit in the back gate.

Lawn mower equipment purchasing decisions can be easy if you know the proper questions to ask and what to examine on a new mower.

The Start A Lawn Care Business package has a large detailed section showing you how to choose the right lawn mower for your grass cutting business.

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