Lawn Care Estimating Software

Lawn Care Estimating Software

If you own a lawn care company, you probably know of the difficulty in properly estimating lawn care jobs for your customers.

We get to speak with hundreds of lawn care business owners all over the country (and the world) every year.  The number 1 problem new lawn care business owners discuss with us is the concept of proper pricing.  Mis-estimating lawn care jobs is a very serious mistake.  Underestimating a lawn care job means you leave money on the table.  Overestimating a lawn care job means the customer will find someone else who will do it cheaper.

There are two pervailing schools of thought to lawn care estimating:

Estimating by the size of the lawn care job.

Estimating a lawn care job by size means that a lawn care business owner takes a measurement of the area that needs to be mowed (or raked or landscaped, etc.) and multiplies that size by a predetermined cost per square foot.

Estimating by the time it will take to do the lawn care job.

Estimating by time means that a lawn care business owner estimates the overall time it will take to mow a lawn and then multiply that time by a cost per hour for his lawn care services.

A better method of estimating lawn care jobs.

There are problems with both methods of lawn care estimating.  When estimating strictly by size, you will likely discover that some jobs are more difficult than other jobs.  The layout of the lawn will be intricate, there will be ruts or gullies in the yard that slow you down, or tall grass will require multiple overlaps.  On the other hand, estimating by time can give varying results because of variable operator efficiency, different sizes of lawn mower decks, and inaccurate time estimates.

After being associated with the lawn care industry since 1992, we have developed a lawn care estimating software package that takes into account time, size, and many other variables of your lawn care estimates.  The lawn care estimating software allows for size of lawn, quickness of your lawn mower, size of the mowing deck, operator efficiency, and difficulty of the job to be mowed.  The software also takes into account travel time, weedeating & blowing, and other time consuming tasks in doing any lawn care job.   The calculator even takes local pricing into account.  So whether you are in Alabama or Arizona the lawn care software will help you determine the best prices for all your lawn care customers.

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