Make Money Mowing Foreclosure Lawns

Make Money Mowing Foreclosure Lawns

The stock market is down.

Unemployment is lumbering over 9%.

And, the housing market is STILL in the doldrums.

Though it seems like every newspaper headline I read and every TV station I turn on are full of talking heads telling me how the U.S. economy is in the toilet and how the U.S. dollar is going to be worthless and how we all have no hope and we should just curl up into a ball and wait for the end of the world, why am I feeling a BUZZZZ about the current state of the economy and how it is set to affect the lawn care industry in coming months.

I try to keep up with the housing market, the foreclosure market, and the unemployment outlook and how they relate to the lawn care industry.  I have to tell you honestly that I am feeling a genuine shift in the “feel” that is out there.  I believe our economy is about to turn the corner to the upside.

So, what does this mean for people who own their own lawn care companies?  Well, I believe it means that homes are going to start selling again, more people are going back to work, and people’s general willingness to spend money on things (such as lawn care) is improving.   As houses start selling again, foreclosure yard cleanup will become a tremendous source of customers for lawn care businesses that successfully target  the foreclosure market.  Real estate agents, mortgage bankers, and individuals who are attempting to sell their backlog of properties clamor to get their properties cleaned up and made presentable.  Likewise, people who go back to work and work longer hours don’t have time to mow their own grass and they have the money in their pockets to pay for lawn care.

So, is this “feel” I have accurate?  Only time will tell.  But, I will say that if you are thinking about starting your own lawn care business, the best advice often is to ignore what all the doom and gloomers on TV have to say and follow your dream.   Keep your eyes on your goal, stay smart, and work hard.

I am a believer that RIGHT NOW is a great time to start a lawn care business.  If you need help in learning how to start your business, which equipment to buy, and how much money to charge your customers, my company has developed a professionally produced training guide and software program that will teach you practically everything you need to know about starting and operating a successful lawn care business.

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