Changes of seasons are great times to pay extra attention to your lawn mower maintenance schedule.

After a long, dry, dusty summer the first few weekends of autumn are great times to check all your grease fittings.  Proper bearing lubrication is very important to the longevity of your lawn mower.  I try to keep a weekly check on grease nibs but I have to admit that I often let them go neglected longer than I should.  So, if you are like me and have forgotten to check your grease fittings in a few weeks, take some extra time this weekend to make proper refills where necessary.

In addition to making rudimentary checks, if you are truly inspired (and have a few extra hours) to do proper maintenance on your lawn care equipment, consider pulling your bearings and  repacking or replacing them.  You will greatly increase the life of your lawn mower and you will have confidence in your bearings once spring rolls around again.

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