Noise pollution is becoming a familiar topic in many towns across the United States.

Okay, let’s face it, our lawn care equipment is noisy.  Our lawn mowers emit low thunderous roars and our backpack blowers scream out high pitched shrills.  We have written many times in the Start A Lawn Care Business blog that lawn care operators must take many precautions to protect their own hearing and the hearing of their employees from the noise emitted from lawn care equipment.

In addition to the common sense precautions we must take to reduce the noise levels in our own heads, community councils are becoming bolder in their efforts to tackle the noise issues to help protect their residents from the noise problems.  We recently read about a community in East Hampton that is attempting to restrict to hours noisy lawn equipment can be operated.

What do you think about restrictions such as this?   Are there happy mediums that can be struck between home owners and landscape professionals?  Can landscape companies make concerted efforts to reduce the number of minutes leaf blowers are used on each lawn?  Can lawn mower operators develop mowing patterns that reduce the time spend on each lawn?

The answer to the last two questions is “YES.”  In fact, our lawn care business training packages shows you how to develop mowing patterns that GREATLY reduce your mowing and blowing time.  Developing these mowing pattern not only allows your lawn care company to leave your customers with great looking lawns it also helps you reduce your time an amount of noise pollution you produce.

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