What do you think when you first hear the term “remote controlled lawn mower?”

My immediate vision is of a guy lounging back in a lawn chair sipping a cold beverage while an unmanned mowing vehicle tools around his lawn neatly manicuring his grass.  Before you think about starting a lawn care company employing an army of remote controlled lawn care units, put down your cold beverage….we’re not talking about those types of lawn mowers.

While there are robot lawn mowers for sale to the general public for residential lawn care, as lawn care professionals we don’t benefit from these small units.  Afterall, when it comes to cutting grass on a standard residential plot of land, there is nothing more efficient than a capable operator on a Zero Turn or walkbehind commercial lawn mower.

The big advances for remote controlled lawn mower is coming in the form of heavy duty slope mowers.  Any of us who have ever accepted jobs mowing slopes knows it is dreadfully difficult and dangerous work.  Slope mowing jobs are fraught with equipment breakdowns and dangers to the operator.  Remote controlled slope mowers are changing the scene for many lawn care business owners who bid on slope jobs.

When we visited last year’s Lawn Care Business Expo in Louisville, KY, we saw a find example of a slope mower we saw a fine demonstration of a remote controlled lawn mower.  More companies are now entering the field and we are seeing some very interesting prototypes.  This angle on the lawn care industry is becoming very interesting.  As these companies begin to refine their remote controlled slope mower concepts our jobs as mowing contractors will become easier.

For more information and advice on commercial lawn mowing equipment that will be perfect for your lawn care business, take a look at our Lawn Care Business training guidebooks.

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