Lawn Care and the Price of Gasoline

Gas prices and your Lawn Care Business

Once again, the lawn care season is starting out during a period of rising gas prices. If you are new to the lawn care industry then you probably don’t remember a time when you could fill your van, the crew truck, all the lawn mowers, and the extra gas canisters for under $100. Filling all those tanks today costs over $200. Yikes.

Are you looking for ways to reduce the cost of gasoline for your lawn care business?  We have written many articles dealing with high gas prices and we would like to share a few gas saving techniques with you.

1) Maintain proper inflation in all your tires. Check tire pressure daily in the tires on your vehicles, equipment trailers, and equipment. Proper inflation will increase your miles per gallon.

2) Properly maintain your equipment. Oil changes, filter changes, tune-ups, and sharp lawn mower blades will greatly increase the amount of grass you can cut per gallon of gasoline.

3) Plan your routes carefully. Using careful routing strategies not only saves you gasoline but also save you time on the roads.

4) Store your gasoline canisters properly with lids closed to avoid spillage.

5) Close gasoline valves on your equipment during transport and storage.

These are just a few tips on how you can save gasoline in your lawn care business. Our lawn care business program contains much more advice such as how to properly develop grass cutting patterns on your customer’s lawns to reduce time and reduce costs.

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