Start a Lawn Care Business - Perfect Christmas Present

Start A Lawn Care Business - Perfect Christmas Present

Hi Everyone: Our Lawn Care Business Guidebooks and Estimating Software makes a GREAT Christmas present.

We received an order from a lady today who is ordering this package as her son’s Christmas present. Her son is working a dead-end job and she wants to buy this for him so he can start his own business and take a step forward in his own life. She asked if we will ship this without any indication of its contents so the surprise won’t be ruined.

Also, she wants to know if it will reach them in time for Christmas.

The answers to her questions are easy. Yes, we are happy to ship this without marks indicating its contents. And, yes, we ship promptly with a 3 day expected delivery time.


If you or someone you know is interested in starting a lawn care business, our lawn care business package is JAM-PACKED with a TREMENDOUS amount of information on how to start and grow a successful lawn care business. We have been associated with the lawn care industry since 1992 and we have always felt that starting with the advice of professionals in the industry is the best method of starting and growing. Too many new business owners get started without the proper information. They underprice their jobs, buy the wrong equipment, and miss out on very important contracts.

Order our lawn care program right away and we will make sure it is shipped to you promptly. Normal delivery time is 3 business days.

Thank you and we hope you have a very Merry Christmas.

Start A Lawn Care Business – Perfect Christmas Gift