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Live Strong and Fight Like H*LL

On this lawn care blog, I often write about the benefits of owning a lawn care business. Truthfully, there are many benefits such as calling your own shots, setting your own hours, making the amount of money that you are truly worth, and having pride in owning your own business.

Although there are many positive aspects to running your own business, I do have to be honest with you…some days really do suck. I have had a couple of those days this week. Most of this hassle is accountable to a single customer that is causing one huge headache. Ugh.

I remember the early days of owning my lawn care business. Many days seemed like a never ending headache and a never ending fight. Fighting to cut my costs. Fighting my lawn care competition with good advertising and marketing tactics. Fighting low cost lawn care equipment. Fighting cheap lawn care customers who didn’t want to pay the going rate for lawn care.

Fight. Fight. Fight.

Gradually, as I developed my lawn care business strategies, I found that the number of fights diminished. As I learned the proper lawn care equipment to buy…fight diminished. As I learned how to properly negotiate with customers…fight diminished. As I developed GREAT marketing strategies…fight diminished. As I implemented customer scheduling strategies…fight diminished.

Those “fights” are some of the reasons I developed the Start A Lawn Care Business guidebook and estimating software. My major frustrations were manily due to lack of knowledge and as I learned the business I vowed to help other entrepreneurs (like you) beat the fights and frustrations.

Sure, there will still be a few minor fights and a few minor frustrations along the way but if you start your business right, purchase the correct lawn care equipment, and negotiate the best prices with your lawn care customers, your lawn care business will be a much easier endevour.

If you are interested in having an easier time starting and operating your lawn care business, consider purchasing our lawn care business guidebook and estimating software. It will make your business (almost) fight free.

Live Strong and Fight!!!
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