The marketing guidebook of our Lawn Care Business Program details a tremendous number of tips and tricks on the art of advertising and marketing your lawn care business.  A healthy lawn care and landscaping marketing plan should include the name of your business as well as a website / domain name.

If you are just starting and have yet to name your business, a perfect correlation between your business name and your domain name should be considered.  Furthermore, a Geo-specific business name and url may be most advisable.

We often receive emails from new LCOs wondering what to name their businesses.  A recent email asked if “Big Jim’s Lawn Care” is a good name. We answered this email delicately (not wanting to make “Big Jim” angry).  If Big Jim is known in his community, this might be an acceptable name.   However, without knowing Big Jim, the name tells potential customers nothing about his business.

We ask you to think about your business name from your (potential) customers’ viewpoints.  Also think about how those customers will search for your business using Google or some other search engine online. 

Just as an example, consider the search terms used by clients looking for a landscaping company in a large southern city in Tennessee.  Will these people search for “Big Jim’s Lawn Care”  or will they search for “Chattanooga Lawn Care?”  More than likely, they will choose the latter or something similar.

By naming your website (or whatever your city name is) you are more likely to attract website visitors from your city.  Also, the phenominon of non-search type-in visitors is not to be overlooked.  Type-In visits occur when a person simply types a word into the address bar without searching for it.  If you have you will be surprised how many visitors will come directly to your site.

When naming your lawn care / landscaping business and when choosing a domain name consider the benefits of Geo Specific names.

We want to thank Craig of GoogleSlam for furthering our knowledge of the benefits of Geo Specific domain names. 

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