There is no denying that 2009 will be a challenging year for lawn care business owners. However, never overlook the fact that challenges bring great opportunity.

Within the pages of the Lawn Care Business Program we point out many opportunities you can take advantage of as a LCO to make more money in your lawn care & landscaping business.  In today’s lawn care blog post, we want to focus on one particular aspect of the lawn care business even as other sectors of the economy suffer. 

A recent posting at the Intellectual Capital Report Real Estate Investing Guide emphasizes the importance of ‘curb appeal’ in the eyes of  real estate investors when attempting to sell properties. 

As their number 1 recommendation for increasing curb appeal they suggest mowing and edging the lawn every week:

“Mow the lawn – Mow and edge once a week during the summer and every other week during the winter (depending on climate). Pretend this is your own home (or better).”

Number two on their list is landscaping.  You have read this correctly. Lawn Care and Landscaping are the NUMBER 1 and NUMBER 2 most important considerations to increase curb appeal and ultimately sell houses and property.

This has really struck me as a very important concept for all lawn care professionals to understand.  Real Estate Agents, Investors, Banks, Mortgage Companies, and Individual House Flippers are all desperate to sell homes and property.  In this slumping economy, they are taking desperate and immediate measures.

All lawn care and landscaping business owners have tremendous opportunity this year.  It is time to pick up the phone and start calling banks and real estate investors.  Knock on the doors of mortgage companies and lawyers specializing in foreclosure.  Get your name on the list of your city’s public works department to let them know you are capable of tackling abandoned yards and properties.

In spite of the real estate market crash, 2009 might be the best year ever for your lawn care company.

If you are just starting in lawn care or you hope to increase your business this year, check out our Lawn Care Business program available at: