Hi Everyone: Although we are currently under a blanket of snow in the southeast, I want to take a minute to jump on the website and write a quick post about the upcoming lawn care season in 2011.

Yes, it is cold and windy and snowy and nasty right now. However, spring weather is less than 2 months away. Before long, your lawn care customers will be looking for lawn care and landscaping professionals to perform spring clean up lawn care jobs. Grass will need to be cut, leftover leaves will need to be raked, limbs and twigs will need to be picked up and other lawn care jobs will need to be done.

Though you are probably not thinking about your lawn care business right now, you should already be planning your lawn care marketing. If you wait until March to start marketing your lawn care company you will miss many customers who want to make an early start getting their lawn and landscaping into shape.

If you are just beginning to think about starting a lawn care business or if you already own a lawn care business and want to have a much better season than last year, now is the time to start.

We have developed a professionally produced lawn care business package that will teach you what you need to be doing right now BEFORE spring arrives to get great customers and assure that your business will be kicked into high gear once spring arrives.

To learn more about the lawn care business program, visit our main webpage at: http://www.StartALawnCareBusiness.com
Start A Lawn Care Business