I believe most landscapers are more akin to the natural world than the average citizen.  We feel the earth in our hands on a daily basis and understand the yearly dance amongst the earth, sun, and moon.  The cycles of each year are predictable far in advance and we know that the care we put into our lawns and landscapes right now will have far reaching affects once the growing season is upon us.

Similar to next years growing season cycle, the cycles of the earth, sun, and moon are predictable far in advance.  Tonight, a couple of the earth – moon – sun cycles reach a pinnacle.  December 21, 2010 marks the northern hemisphere’s Winter Solstice.   Tonight also features a full moon which is accentuated by a lunar eclipse.

As you’re preparing for your holiday celebration with your family and friends, I hope you can take a few minutes to nip outside in the early morning hours and view the eclipse near totality.

For more information on tonight and tomorrow morning’s astronomical events, visit the NASA website at: