As lawn care business owners, you should always search for methods of servicing your customers better than your competition.

Often, on lawn care and leaf raking jobs, my company pays special attention to one area of a customer’s lawn overlooked by other companies. 

Autumn is a time of year when leaves build up around flower beds and corners of your customers lawns.  Lawn care companies are hired to remove leaves from the lawn and from flowerbeds.  However, they often don’t take the extra step to remove leaf build-up from around their customers’ air conditioning and hearing units. 

Leaf build up can cause air flow restrictions which can eventually damage these units.

On your next leaf raking job, pay special attention to your lawn care customer’s air conditioning unit.  Remove leaves from the cooling fins and air outflow.  Though it will only take you a couple extra minutes for this job, your customers will appreaciate your extra work.   It’s the small things, like attention to detail, that keep your customers using your lawn care business year after year.

Blow leaves off air conditioners

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