Hi Everyone:

I just want to let you know that you have 10 days before Halloween.

Many communities around the country are offering Halloween block parties.  This is where an entire block of houses or an entire neighborhood decorate their homes in a Halloween theme and invite each other to view their decorations.  Communities, as a whole, are often invited to join the festivities in a combination of Halloween/Fall Festival.  Bands play for entertainment, cotton candy is served, and bobbing for apples is a game everyone can play.

As a lawn care business owner, these activities present special opportunities.   Offer decoration services to your customers.  You are in a special position to deliver bales of hay or straw and arrange them as a holiday decoration.  If you have an open trailer, you can fill it with straw and offer hay rides.  After the parties are over, use your leaf blowers and rakes to clean the mess.  Offer these services to individual home owners within the block parties or hire out your services to block party organizers.

There are lots of unique jobs you can offer with your lawn care business.

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