Autumn is here and lawn care business owners know this is a great time of year to make tons of extra money raking leaves.

Early in my lawn care business, I found that two of the most time and effort consuming parts of my leaf jobs were bagging them and transporting them to a dump site.  If you don’t bag leaves you must either have an enclosed collection trailer or cover them tightly with a tarp to avoid having them blow out of your truck during transport.

During my second year in business, I devloped an idea of building compost patches in many of my customer’s yards.  Most of my leaf raking customers readily accepted the idea as long at I could build the compost site in an out-of-the-way area of their property. 

On-site leaf composting greatly reduces your leaf raking efforts.  Your bagging and transportation costs are greatly reduced and, come springtime of the second year, will have high quality leaf mulch to use as ground cover and soil conditioner in many areas of their lawn.

If you are exhausted by the bagging and transport aspects of leaf raking lawn care jobs, consider offering your customers on-site leaf composting.

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