Pruning Tools for your Lawn Care Business

Sooner or later your lawn care customers are going to ask you to prune
shrubbery branches or small tree limbs. Proper pruning is an art and as an
artist you must employ the proper tools for the job.

There are two types of loppers which will help you perform the
most common types of pruning jobs.
Shears are small handled cutting devices.  Loppers are very similar to
shears though loppers have longer handles than shears.
The two types of loppers are bypass and anvil.

Bypass Loppers

bypass lopping shears loppers pruning

The most familiar type of lopper is the bypass lopper. 
Bypass loppers are designed to cut through green and soft woody material. 
Bypass loppers should not be used to cut hard woods or softwood branches that
have hardened over time.  Overly tough cutting jobs will deform the cutting

Bypass loppers have two blades.  The
cutting blade severs the branch while the counter blade provides resistance
against the branch.

bypass lopper blades, cutting and counter

Anvil Loppers

anvil loppers for cutting hardwood

Anvil loppers are tougher than bypass
loppers.  Anvil loppers are designed for hard woods and branches that have
hardened over time.

Anvil loppers have one blade and one anvil. 
At the end of the cut, the blade comes to rest within a grove in the anvil. 
The anvil is often made of a soft metal which will not damage the cutting blade.

anvil and cutting blade


We advocate teaching new lawn care
companies how to properly prune low, small tree branches and shrubs. 
Proper pruning knowledge will gain you respect with your lawn care customers
allowing you to attract better quality customers that are willing to pay you a
higher price to do their lawn care work.

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