By: Start A Lawn Care Business

I am sitting at my computer on a dark and stormy night.  The wind is howling outside my window and surely branches and limbs are falling in yards all over the city.  Tomorrow, storm damage cleanup will begin.  For any lawn care business owner searching for additional work or new clients, an overnight storm presents a perfect time to gain extra revenue.

The process comes far in advance of the storm.  Let your customers know early in your business relationship with them that you are always available for extra lawn care related work that needs to be done in their yards.  This knowledge will prime their minds that you are the person to call whenever they need a helping hand.

A forecast that calls for storms in the coming week is a great time to reassure your customers. 

Send a quick email to all your customers:  “If you need any emergency yard work this week, my number is: …….”

The morning after a big storm is the time for you to get on the telephone and make contact with all your customers.  Tell them that if there are any branches or limbs in their yard, you will be happy to drop by and clean the debris away.  Let them know your basic service rate when you call to make them aware you are offering your services for a fee and not just to be a nice guy.

Being quick on the draw will reassure your customers and put extra money in your pocket.

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