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We received an email today from a guy who has decided to quit his lawn care business.

“It hasn’t rained in months. The grass has all dried up and I’m not making any money.”

I really feel for this guy. Anyone in the lawn care business (at least in the SouthEast) knows how difficult the last 5 – 6 weeks has been. Rain has been scarce and the only people having their grass cut are the customers who can afford to water their lawns either with a water hose or through an irrigation system.

Late August through early September is always a difficult time of year. Drought is a word weathermen like to use almost incessantly though this time of year is notoriously dry year after year.

Lawn care clients don’t want to pay for you to mow their dirt. Although there are methods of getting paid during the dry weeks of late August through early September (and our lawn care business program tells you how), you need to plan ahead. Though it’s a bit late for that this year, you can be ready for next year’s dry spell by simply taking a bit of advice from our guidebook.

Apart from the dry spell, the email this guy sent us startled me. I can’t figure out why anyone would quit his lawn care business at the END of the very worst time of year. If he was going to quit, he should have done so sometime between August 1 to August 15 immediately before the “drought” started.

So, why should this guy stick it out and continue with his lawn care business? One word…LEAVES!!!! Look outside. Look at your trees. The leaves are turning. If you are anywhere east of the Mississippi River and north of Florida the leaves on your trees are turning color and are about to dump themselves ALL OVER your lawn care clients’ yards.

Leaf fall is going to be HUGE this year. I can just feel it. And when your customers start calling in a panic because they need their yards cleaned, you will be thankful that you are in a position to profit mightily by raking their leaves and cleaning their properties.

So, if you are thinking about giving up the lawn care business since you haven’t made any money in the last few weeks, get that silly idea out of your head. Right now is the time you need to ramp up your business. Get to work making advertising flyers and handing out business cards. The money you make during the next couple months might very well rival the money you made all summer.

Also, if you haven’t started your lawn care business yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? This is a perfect time of year to start. Customers are scrambling all over themselves looking for dependable lawn care professional who will rake their leaves and clean up their yards before winter sets in.

If you don’t have a clue about charging your customers for your leaf raking services, take a look at our Lawn Care Business guidebook training package. It will help you tremendously in your efforts to operate your own successful lawn care business.

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