While most of our blog posts (and our lawn care business program) are designed are with the new lawn care business owner in mind, we are often reminded of the fact that many people need advice at the end-stage of their lawn care business careers.

Growing a business to the point where it can be sold is a very viable exit strategy for even the smallest lawn care company.  If you have spent your time and efforts cultivating a profitable and successful lawn care company, you should not overlook the fact that your company is probably very valuable over and beyond the amount of revenue your company generates on a monthly basis.

If you have grown your lawn care business and are now thinking about quiting your business either to retire or to follow other pursuits, don’t make the mistake of letting your company fade away without it realizing it’s full profit potential.  Lawn care business owners can often sell their routes, equipment, business name, and company’s goodwill.

So, if you are thinking about selling your lawn care business after owning it for a number of years, our lawn care business program will be very valuable to you.  There is a section dedicated to helping you value your lawn care business if you are in process of selling the business.

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