February is here and lawn mowing contracts are being bid in earnest.

As developers of the Start A Lawn Care Business training course we subscribe to many bidding lists around the nation.  We do this to keep our finger on the pulse of bidding trends across the nation.  Of course, we don’t intend to bid on all these mowing contracts but they help us keep you informed of increased bidding potentials in your market area.

A recent bid proposal came across our desks this morning for a housing authority mowing contract.  This particular contract caught our eyes because we have bid on many housing authority contracts over the years.  In fact, our first major mowing contract bid was for a large housing authority grass cutting contract.  This was in our first year of business.  We had little knowledge about how to bid contracts and since no other lawn care company would tell us how to do it, we basically stumbled our way through the bidding process.  We did not know the number of pitfalls associated with such a contract…and, believe me, there are MANY things you need to be wary of when bidding housing authority contracts.

That very first major bidding experience we had of bidding a housing authority mowing contract  is one of the reasons we developed the lawn care business.  So many lawn care business owners are in the dark about bidding lawn care contracts.  If you are considering bidding a lawn care contract your sources of information are very limited.  Your competitors certainly aren’t going to tell you how to bid a contract.  The contracting agency certainly isn’t going to help you bid a proper amount.  So, who are you going to ask?

Our lawn care business program contains a special section on bidding both small-scale and large-scale lawn care contracts.  We believe that teaching you how to bid these contracts strengthens our entire industry.

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