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Storm Tree Damage and lawn care business cleanup services.

One of Thousands of Trees Damaged by Monday's Storm.

I want to send a personal note to everyone who emailed us with concern after yesterday’s storms in our area.  The “suspected tornado” passed right over our area and destroyed many trees and buildings.  Thankfully, other than 7 or 8 large trees in our wooded area, we suffered very little damage.

As everyone who has ever witnessed a weather event like this knows, the cleanup efforts will take weeks.  Opportunities are immense for lawn care companies to make a tremendous amount of money cutting trees and removing debris.  If you have the skills and equipment to quickly remove damaged trees and haul off broken branches, your lawn business can make a huge amount of money but you can also pick-up a very quick customer list.  Do a good job for these “one-time” customers and you will likely be able to mow their grass all summer.

Out of disaster comes opportunity.  If you are in a weather prone area and have ever thought about starting your own lawn care business, right now is a perfect time to get started and be prepared for many customer requests of storm damage clean up work this spring.

Again, thank you for your concern.

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