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Tornadoes, Storm Damage, and your Lawn Care Business

Tornado and Storm Damage – Your Lawn Care Business

If you live in the south, southeast, midwest, or northeast you have probably been affected by storms this week.

Tornadoes, blowing through my city today, have caused a tremendous amount of damage to houses, cars, and landscaping. In fact, if you watch the news tonight, you will probably see my area.  The damage is terrible and peoples’ lives have been greatly affected.
Already, crews are out with chainsaws clearing trees off roadways, powerlines, and houses.
Once the immediate emergency has been dealt with, the cleanup will continue for weeks.  If you have a lawn care company, right now is an excellent time to make money providing storm damage cleanup. Those people in need will truly thank you for your services.
It is terrible that unfortunate people (and their property) in the line of the storm have been harmed by this severe weather.  However, they will be grateful that your lawn care company will be able to clean up their landscaping, restore their yards, and replant damaged trees.
If you own a lawn care company and want to make money by offering storm cleanup services, our Lawn Care Business guidebook and software package will help you with your marketing to acquire customers.  The estimating software is a great tool that will help you determine prices for your work.
This is a perfect time to start your own lawn care business.  To learn more about our comprehensive lawn care business program, visit our main website at the link below:
Storm Damage Cleanup and your Lawn Care Business

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Southeast Storm Damage – Lawn Care Business Pricing

Storm Damage Cleanup

Storm damage cleanup means big money in the lawn care industry.

If you are anywhere within the Southeast portion of the United States this week, I am sure you have either experienced severe weather or seen it on television. The past several days have been intense with thunderstorms and very heavy winds (if not tornadoes). In fact, tornado sirens were sounding all over our area last night as storm after storm rolled through. If you or those you love have been affected by this severe weather, we hope you pulled through without property (or personal) damage.

It seems like we’ve written many times about severe weather in just the past few weeks.

Once again, as terrible as it is that many people have down trees and property damage, the potential for lawn care companies to make money right now seems to be greater than ever. Storm cleanup work is plentiful in storm damaged areas. If you have necessary tools, hauling capacity, man power, and a lawn care business already established in an area affected by the storms, you should consider adding storm cleanup services to your existing lawn care business services.

Do you know how to price your storm cleanup services?

One of the biggest problems new lawn care business owners face is the ability and confidence to price their lawn care services correctly. We fully understand how difficult it is to price your lawn care services when you are a new company owner. You don’t want to overbid your jobs and lose your customers. You also don’t want to underbid your services and risk losing money.

We faced this same problem when we started our lawn care company but we quickly developed pricing strategies so we could make the most money possible from all of our lawn care customers and still keep them happy with great services and terrific looking lawns.

If you want to learn how to properly price your lawn care services (including storm cleanup) we encourage you to visit our main webpage and learn about our Lawn Care Business Guidebook and Estimating Software Business Package. This program is a huge resource for new (and existing) lawn care business owners. It includes bidding tutorials and estimating software to help you start and operate a successful lawn care business.

Visit our homepage:

Make Money With Your Lawn Care Business

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Storm Damage and your Lawn Care Business

Hi Everyone:

Storm Tree Damage and lawn care business cleanup services.

One of Thousands of Trees Damaged by Monday's Storm.

I want to send a personal note to everyone who emailed us with concern after yesterday’s storms in our area.  The “suspected tornado” passed right over our area and destroyed many trees and buildings.  Thankfully, other than 7 or 8 large trees in our wooded area, we suffered very little damage.

As everyone who has ever witnessed a weather event like this knows, the cleanup efforts will take weeks.  Opportunities are immense for lawn care companies to make a tremendous amount of money cutting trees and removing debris.  If you have the skills and equipment to quickly remove damaged trees and haul off broken branches, your lawn business can make a huge amount of money but you can also pick-up a very quick customer list.  Do a good job for these “one-time” customers and you will likely be able to mow their grass all summer.

Out of disaster comes opportunity.  If you are in a weather prone area and have ever thought about starting your own lawn care business, right now is a perfect time to get started and be prepared for many customer requests of storm damage clean up work this spring.

Again, thank you for your concern.

If you want to learn more about our lawn care business package including the lawn care estimating software, please visit our main page:

Lawn Care and Landscaping Business

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