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Lawn Care Worker Killed

Hi Everyone:

I just want to share a story I read this morning about a lawn care equipment operator that was killed by a tractor trailer.

According to news station, an employee of a lawn care operator contracted to mow along highway 64 was struck and killed by a tractor trailer. The driver of the tractor trailer was initially charged with reckless driving and other charges. The mower operator worked for a private contractor and was not employed by the Department of Transportation.

Lawn care business owners and equipment operators face many challenges and dangers on a daily basis. Though many dangers such as out of control tractor trailers are beyond the full scope of our control, there are many opportunities we can take advantage of to help ensure our well being.

One of the most effective safety practices, for lawn care operators that are working close to traffic, is to increase visibility. Whether mowing a small lawn close in a residential neighborhood or mowing on highway right of way, informing drivers of your presence is essential. Warning signs, high visibility vests, and even flashing lights will help make you apparent to motorists.

If you operate a lawn care business, please give safety your upmost attention.

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Lawn Care Companies, Secure Your Equipment.

Secure your Lawn Care Equipment

A tie-down rope dangles dangerously from a pickup truck.

Granted, this picture is not of a lawn care company truck or a lawn care equipment trailer.  However, I saw this truck today at a stop light and I took a quick picture to help remind us all of the importance of properly securing our lawn care equipment while in transit.

This guy was hauling a refrigerator.  Though it looked like the driver had attempted to secure the refrigerator with a thin rope, he did not secure the end of the rope.  Airflow over the truck bed blew the rope out and left it dangling behind him as he drove along in traffic.

This is a potentially dangerous situation.  If the vehicle behind him drove over the rope, that vehicle’s tire could be damaged.  Additionally, the refrigerator could be yanked out of the truck bed.  I tried to get his attention at the stop light but he seemed preoccupied as he drove off.

We are all in a hurry from time to time.  Occasionally, we load our lawn care equipment in our trucks or on our trailers without paying attention to small details that cause serious consequences as we drive to our next lawn care or landscaping job. 

Try to remind yourself that it only takes a minute or two to properly load and secure your equipment.  Before you drive away to your next jobsite, spend an extra 30 seconds walking around your vehicle to make sure everything is properly secured.

Be safe out there!!!

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