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Lawn Care Equipment Trailer Parking Strategies

Lawn Care Equipment Parking

Do you have lawn care customers with short driveways? Do you have commercial lawn care clients who don’t want you parking in their parking lots? Do you have lawn care stops, without turn-arounds, that force you to back your equipment trailer onto a busy street? How do you handle these problems in your lawn care business while still maintaining safety for your employees and other drivers on the street?

This week, I noticed three examples of lawn care operators who chose to park their vehicles in the roadway. Each lawn care operator displayed a different degree of safety.

What safety procedures do you employ when parking your lawn care equipment trucks and trailers?

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Lawn Care Worker Killed

Hi Everyone:

I just want to share a story I read this morning about a lawn care equipment operator that was killed by a tractor trailer.

According to news station, an employee of a lawn care operator contracted to mow along highway 64 was struck and killed by a tractor trailer. The driver of the tractor trailer was initially charged with reckless driving and other charges. The mower operator worked for a private contractor and was not employed by the Department of Transportation.

Lawn care business owners and equipment operators face many challenges and dangers on a daily basis. Though many dangers such as out of control tractor trailers are beyond the full scope of our control, there are many opportunities we can take advantage of to help ensure our well being.

One of the most effective safety practices, for lawn care operators that are working close to traffic, is to increase visibility. Whether mowing a small lawn close in a residential neighborhood or mowing on highway right of way, informing drivers of your presence is essential. Warning signs, high visibility vests, and even flashing lights will help make you apparent to motorists.

If you operate a lawn care business, please give safety your upmost attention.

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Lawn Care Business – Don’t Be Afraid to Start Small

Lawn Mower Man

Lawn Care Business? Don't Be Afraid to Start Small

Do you want to start a lawn care business but you’re afraid of starting too small?

I took this picture as I was stopped at a traffic light. Yes, it’s a funny picture but you have to admire that this guy is out there making an effort. He isn’t afraid of starting small.

No Money To Start A Lawn Care Business?

I received a call this morning from a man who wants to start a lawn care business but he simply doesn’t have much money and is afraid he won’t be able to compete with the guys with fancy mowers and lawn care trailers full of equipment. I often receive similar calls and I often offer the same advice:

“it doesn’t matter how small you start and how cheap your lawn care equipment is. If you work smart and price your jobs properly you will be able to grow your business quickly.”

We started our lawn care business in 1992 (20 years ago) with a $150 lawn mower purchased from Kmart, a Poulan Weedeater, and a handheld leaf blower. That weedeater was terrible but with this basic equipment we mowed hundreds of lawns in the first few months to earn enough money to buy commercial equipment. With commercial equipment we were able to begin bidding commercial contracts and within a few months were making great money and growing the business rapidly.

Professsional Lawn Care Business Guidebook and Software

During the past 20 years associated with the lawn care industry we have experienced practically every type of lawn care job you can think of. And, we have poured all of that information into the Lawn Care Business Guidebook and Software Package. This is a huge business course that will take you from the very beginnings of your lawn care business (business formation, buying equipment, advertising, gaining clients, setting prices) to the more complex problems (expanding your business, bidding large scale contracts, hiring employees). Practically everything you could ever want to know about running a successful lawn care business is included.

On Sale Now

The business program is less than $50 and you can learn more about it on our main website (click the link at the top of the page). We are always happy to help. So, if you have questions, just let us know.

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Ethanol in your Lawn Mower Engine?

As an increasingly larger number of lawn care business owners are growing weary of the rumored effects of 10% Ethanol, gasoline stations are continuing to offer 100% gasoline. We have previously mentioned in this blog post our concern with possible effects of ethanol so much so that we are willing to visit gas stations that sell 100% gasoline.

Just this morning, I visited a new gas station in our area that offers 100% gasoline.  Instead of selling “No-Ethanol Gasoline” station wide, it offers one nozzle at each pump that dispenses 100% gasoline at an additional charge of 10 cents per gallon.

100% No Ethanol Gasoline for Lawn Mower Engines

100% No Ethanol Gasoline For Lawn Mower Engines

Have you experienced troubles with 10% ethanol gasoline in your lawn mower, leaf blower, and weed eater engines?

The recommendations of lawn mower repair experts to use 100% gasoline is enough for us to spend an extra 10 cents per gallon to offset possible increased rates of engine damage.   Even if ethanol does not contribute to lawn mower engine damage, the increased resale value of our equipment when we are able to tell purchasers that we used only 100% gasoline during the life of the equipment will be enough to repay us for the additional cost of 100% No-Ethanol Gasoline.

Please tell us your thoughts with a comment below.

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Buying Commercial Lawn Mowers

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Lawn Care Equipment Purchasing Decisions – Cost Benefit Analysis

Buying Lawn Care Equipment vs. Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks - Just another business cost-benefit analysis.

So, here I sit in my local Starbucks with my laptop computer and a tall, piping hot, Mocha. Outside, rain pours as the thermometer drops. As far as weather goes, today does not fill me with the desire to work (or play) outside. Here I sit, in comfortable surroundings, hoping to complete as much “office” work as possible.

Though I like doing my paperwork at this Starbucks, when compared to working at home doing paper work here is an expensive proposition. The Mocha cost me $5.00 and the parking meter was another $1.50. Add the cost of gasoline and the inevitable fudge brownie to my total and the cost of this work session is over $10.00.

How can I justify such a cost? Well, I hope to be efficient here and complete my work quicker than I would at my home work station. In other words; the benefit of this work session outweighs the cost.

As I swig another sip of Mocha, I am reminded of similar Cost-Benefit Analyses performed each time I have purchased lawn care equipment for my business. Every single time I have purchased a new commercial lawn mower, leaf blower, weedeater, or other lawn care equipment, I have calculated the cost over the life of the equipment and made sure it would pay me back with a substantial profit to my business.

There is a big problem in the lawn care industry. Too many new lawn care business owners purchase equipment that does not provide profitable cost-benefit for their businesses. It is easy to understand how a new lawn care business owner can get drawn into buying improper equipment. New equipment is exciting. The salesmen are high pressure. And if you buy new (and expensive) equipment it will surely help your business become successful, right? RIGHT???

No, that is not always right.

One of the things that helped make my lawn care business successful was the cost-benefit analysis I did on each and every lawn care and landscaping machine I have ever bought. So, if you are in the early stages of your lawn care business (or even if you have been in the business awhile and are expanding) I invite you to purchase our lawn care business guidebook and software package. The package includes an “Equipment Buyers Manual” that will greatly help you determine the best equipment selections for your lawn care business. You can learn more about the lawn care business package on our main webpage.

Lawn Care Equipment Buyers Guidebook

And now back to my Mocha.

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Occupy Wall Street and Lawn Care Equipment (Occupy Lawn Care)

Leaf cleanup hampered by Occupy Wall Street

Leaf Cleanup Hampered by Occupy Wall Street

If you live in any major city in America, you probably have an “Occupy Wall Street” movement in your hometown. Whether you agree with the movement or not, there is something we can learn, as lawn care professionals, about the encampments that sprung up around America during October and November.

I visited our local courthouse this morning to survey leaf cleanup, lawn care, and landscaping needs that the city is experiencing. Though I had heard about our local “Occupy” movement, I had not realized the grounds of the courthouse had become so populated with protesters. Strewn across the grassy (and leaf covered) court house grounds are 30 to 40 tents acting as temporary housing for “Occupy” residents.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when a lawn care customer walks around the lawn when I am trying to cut the grass or blow the leaves. Lawn care equipment is dangerous enough without my having to be distracted by customers wandering all over their lawns while I am trying to work. Can you imagine mowing grass and blowing leaves while Occupiers strolling around the grounds holding signs and chanting protest songs? Can you imagine operating a 200 mph commercial backpack leaf blower while attempting to keep their tents and belongings from blowing off the grass and onto the street?

Occupy Lawn Care

Occupy Lawn Care

Anyway, my main point is that when you are performing your lawn care jobs for your customers, you need to keep your head about you and be cautious of the damage your lawn care equipment can inflict.

Do you want to learn more about starting your own lawn care company? Visit our main website and consider purchasing our professionally produced lawn care business guidebook, tutorial, and estimating software….and watch out for those protesters.
Occupy Wall Street and The Lawn Care Industry

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Starting a Lawn Care Business During Winter (December, January, February)

Hi Everyone:

This is Keith from SALCB.

If you have ever thought about starting a lawn care business or if you currently own a lawn care company and are thinking about expanding your business in the coming year, the next few months (December, January, and February) are target rich months for: performing winter cleanup jobs for your current customers, purchasing used and last year’s model LC equipment, securing new (larger scale) contracts.

Additionally, the customers you acquire during the winter months will be your first customers once spring rolls around. This will give you a solid customer base to grow your business.

Don’t ignore the next few months. You can still make a lot of money during the winter and you will be ready to go in the spring.

My company started our lawn care company 1992. We started small and grew rapidly. We have developed a professionally produced lawn care business guidebook and estimating software package. If you are having problems starting your business, acquiring customers, choosing equipment, doing the work properly and efficiently, and estimating your prices, visit our website to learn more about the lawn care business program.

Once again, our website address is: Start A Lawn Care

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Commercial Lawn Care Equipment, Worth The Cost? BlowerCam

If you are getting started with your lawn care business you are probably undecided about which equipment to buy. You are probably struggling with the differences between buying commercial quality equipment and residential quality equipment that you can purchase at a retail store or big box hardware store.

The purchase of a backpack leaf blower is a great example of the differences in price vs. quality. A commercial quality backpack blower can easily cost from $400 to $600 while a residential quality leaf blower can be purchased for $100 to $150.

Though a commercial quality leaf blower might cost $500 more than a residential quality leaf blower, the amount of work you can accomplish with a commercial leaf blower is far above what you can accomplish with a lower quality residential leaf blower.

Greater airflow output, faster nozzle velocity, greater durability, and longer lifespan will make a big difference in your return on investment in your lawn care business especially if you are making money raking leaves and performing autumn leaf cleanup jobs.

Quite honestly, I am an advocate of purchasing commercial quality lawn care equipment if your lawn care business can afford the extra cost. Our lawn care business program includes an equipment buyer’s guidebook that will help you with your equipment purchasing decisions.

Whether you are buying new or used, commercial or residential lawn care equipment our buyer’s guide will help you make the right purchasing decision.

For more information about the lawn care business training course, please visit our website:

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Lawn Mower Maintenance – Grease is the Word

Changes of seasons are great times to pay extra attention to your lawn mower maintenance schedule.

After a long, dry, dusty summer the first few weekends of autumn are great times to check all your grease fittings.  Proper bearing lubrication is very important to the longevity of your lawn mower.  I try to keep a weekly check on grease nibs but I have to admit that I often let them go neglected longer than I should.  So, if you are like me and have forgotten to check your grease fittings in a few weeks, take some extra time this weekend to make proper refills where necessary.

In addition to making rudimentary checks, if you are truly inspired (and have a few extra hours) to do proper maintenance on your lawn care equipment, consider pulling your bearings and  repacking or replacing them.  You will greatly increase the life of your lawn mower and you will have confidence in your bearings once spring rolls around again.

For more tips on how to keep your lawn mower running longer as well as a lawn care equipment buyer’s guidebook (new and used) check our main lawn care website for our lawn care business program:
Start A Lawn Care Business


Filling lawn mower gas tanks.

The USEPA estimates that as much as 17,000,000 gallons of gasoline as spilled each year during refueling of gasoline powered lawn mowers.   17 Million Gallons?  Can you believe that?

I believe that we, as lawn care professionals can use this number to our benefit.  I believe that most of these spills are caused by those annoyingly tiny gas tanks on residential push behind lawn mowers.  Surely lawn care professionals do not spill as much gas as the common homeowners.  Our tanks are bigger, our fill holes are larger, our refilling tanks have retractable spouts that give us better aim, and gasoline is the life blood of our comanies.

Next time a potential client tells you that he is just going to mow the yard himself, remind him about the frustration he will face by the simple act of refilling his lawn mower each week.  If you’re ever asked about your dedication to the environment, remind the questioner that home owners spill millions and millions of gasoline refilling their lawn mowers and you, as a lawn care professional, take care to refill your tanks properly to avoid spilling even 1 single ounce of lawn mower gasoline.

For more tips on how to run a successful, profitable, and environmentally responsible lawn care company, visit our main website and consider purchasing our Lawn Care Business Package.  We have it on sale this month.
Start A Lawn Care Business

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