All around the country, there are probably thousands of people running illegal lawn care businesses…and they don’t even know they are in violation.

There are many intracacies in running any business.  But, when that business is run out of a home residence, a business owner faces compliance of a slew of zoning laws.

Zoning laws can be tricky.  For instance, a Madison, Wisconsin, a gentleman who built a backyard workshop for his business later discovered that running a business from an accessory building violates local zoning laws.

The article notes that outbuildings used to house lawn equipment (lawn mowers, weedeaters, edgers, and miscellaneous equipment)  used in a lawn care business may also violate local zoning laws.  There are various technicalities in local zoning laws and each community has slightly different codes. 

In many cases, lawn care business owners can legally operate their lawn care and landscaping businesses from their places of residence.  However, if you are operating your lawn care business from your home, it will pay you, in the long term, to know your local zoning laws.  Before you take steps to operate your business from your home (or any building or location on your property) take time to visit your local zoning office to learn how you can comply with their guidelines.

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