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Tornadoes, Storm Damage, and your Lawn Care Business

Tornado and Storm Damage – Your Lawn Care Business

If you live in the south, southeast, midwest, or northeast you have probably been affected by storms this week.

Tornadoes, blowing through my city today, have caused a tremendous amount of damage to houses, cars, and landscaping. In fact, if you watch the news tonight, you will probably see my area.  The damage is terrible and peoples’ lives have been greatly affected.
Already, crews are out with chainsaws clearing trees off roadways, powerlines, and houses.
Once the immediate emergency has been dealt with, the cleanup will continue for weeks.  If you have a lawn care company, right now is an excellent time to make money providing storm damage cleanup. Those people in need will truly thank you for your services.
It is terrible that unfortunate people (and their property) in the line of the storm have been harmed by this severe weather.  However, they will be grateful that your lawn care company will be able to clean up their landscaping, restore their yards, and replant damaged trees.
If you own a lawn care company and want to make money by offering storm cleanup services, our Lawn Care Business guidebook and software package will help you with your marketing to acquire customers.  The estimating software is a great tool that will help you determine prices for your work.
This is a perfect time to start your own lawn care business.  To learn more about our comprehensive lawn care business program, visit our main website at the link below:
Storm Damage Cleanup and your Lawn Care Business

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2011 Hurricane Weather Forecast – Preparing your lawn care company.

Storm Cleanup Services

Storm Cleanup Services - Good money for your lawn care business.

Lawn care company owners in states affected by Hurricanes have reason to check out the latest Hurricane forecast for 2011. Although nobody wants to see other people’s property damaged by severe weather, property owners will be thankful that your company is able to provide storm cleanup services after a severe weather event.

The hurricane forecast calls for increased weather activity this year. Keeping with tradition, the World Meteorological Organization has released a list of names that will be used for upcoming Hurricanes.

Arlene (unused)
Bret (unused)
Cindy (unused)
Don (unused)
Emily (unused)
Franklin (unused)
Gert (unused)
Harvey (unused)
Irene (unused)
Jose (unused)
Katia (unused)
Lee (unused)
Maria (unused)
Nate (unused)
Ophelia (unused)
Philippe (unused)
Rina (unused)
Sean (unused)
Tammy (unused)
Vince (unused)
Whitney (unused)

Our Lawn Care Business guidebook is a great resource to help you learn how to price your storm cleanup services. For more information, visit our lawn care website home page:

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