Lawn Mowing End of Season

Lawn Mowing End of Season Mowing Cycles

The first half of September has passed us by and we are now into the last days of summer.  September 23, 2011 marks the official end of summer and the beginning of Fall.

For much of the country, there are still a few more mowing cycles to perform for your customers.  Of course, our friends in Florida will be mowing and mowing long after our friends in Minnesota (and our readers in Canada) are covered in snow.  Still, if you want to make money in lawn care (no matter where you are located in the country) you still have a few months to get rolling with your own lawn care business.

For the rest of you in the more temperate sections of the country, make the most of these last few mowing cycles.  Take extra time to mow well and trim to perfection.  Your customers will truly remember & appreciate your extra attention to their lawns right now.  They will be more likely to call you back in the springtime if you leave them with great looking lawns as the mowing season winds down.

Of course, if you want to run your business year-round and make money all 12 months, we have included a GREAT “guide to running your business through the winter months” in our lawn care business training guidebook.  You will be surprised how easy it is to sell customers add-on services through the colder months.  Providing lawn care and non-lawn care services during the winter months is very important.  Not only does it allow you to make additional money during the slower months but it also means you will keep your customers active and they will be raring to go once springtime rolls around again.

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