As April approaches, mixed emotions fill the minds of many lawn care business owners.

On one hand, the weather warms and grass sprouts in all your customer’s lawns.  Your phone rings with new customers requesting your services and old customers want spring cleanup jobs performed on their lawns.  Nurseries receive their first deliveries of the season and your world is full of color.

On the other hand, April 15 approaches and you hear rumblings from your CPA how much you will have to pay on the dreaded day.

Anyone who has read our Lawn Care Business program for start-up and newer lawn care businesses knows that we believe the services of a CPA are properly recommended for all business people.  A competent CPA will keep you on the right path with proper filing proceedures for your business.

However, we also know that that money (and time) are tight in the world of a lawn care business owner.  Time slips away and sometimes the upfront fees requested by CPAs are too much when money is tight.  Before you know it, April 15 is a few days away, all CPAs are busy with their clients, and you don’t have any money to pay for their services anyway.

If you find yourself in the above situation, Lawn Care Business Tax Software may well be the next best step for you to take in completing your tax filing in a timely, convienient, and cost effective manner.

The link below takes you to an page where you can download the latest tax software directly to your computer.  In many instances you can complete your taxes and electronically file your paperwork in one session at your computer.

Business Tax Software