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2012 Tax Payments for Lawn Care Companies

Making Quarterly Tax Payments for your Lawn Care Business

Quarterly Estimated Tax Payment Schedule - 2012

Start A Lawn Care Business

If you own a lawn care business (or other small service based business) you are probably worried about making timely estimated tax payments.

Generally, according to the IRS website, there is a four payment date tax schedule which will keep you on track with your payments so you do not face a large settlement at the end of the fiscal year.

Quarterly Tax Dates:
April 17, 2012
June 15, 2012
September 17, 2012
Januray 15, 2013

Unfortunately, many small business owners do not pay their estimated taxes throughout the year. Come April 15, those business owners are often surprised by the amount of taxes they owe.

While making quarterly estimated payments is fairly straightforward, every business’ tax structure is slightly different. Please consult the IRS website and your accountant for specific instructions for your business.

Though we are not accountants and cannot give tax advice, we have been involved in the lawn care industry since 1992 and can give you solid advice about operating a successful lawn care company. In fact, we have produced a professionally designed lawn care business training course and software package that will help you start and operate a successful lawn care company.

For more information about the program and to order at our sale price, please visit our main website at the link below:

Start A Lawn Care Business

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Estimated Tax Payments for your Lawn Care Business – January 17, 2012

If you run your own lawn care business and pay estimated taxes, you probably need to take heed of today’s date. January 17, 2012 is the due date for taxes owed on revenue earned during the 4th quarter of 2011.

The traditional way to pay your estimated quarterly business taxes is with form 1040-es. However, if you are set up for electronic payments, you can use the electronic tax payment website.

To determine your total tax obligation for your lawn care and landscaping business, consult a tax professional.  A qualified CPA will help you determine your current tax payment and also help you plan for your 2012 tax obligations.

For more information on running your own lawn care business, consider purchasing our lawn care guidebooks and estimating software from our main website.  We have it on sale right now for under $50.  Our website is:

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Lawn Care Business Taxes, January 2011

As a follow up to last weeks reminder that today (January 18, 2011) might be an important tax day for your lawn care business, we want to give you a final heads-up that, for many businesses, quarterly tax payments are to be postmarked by today.

If you are still struggling with your 2010 lawn care business taxes, the following tax software from might be very helpful to you.  Click on the links below to learn more about each software title.

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2010-2011 Estimated Tax Payment Due for your Lawn Care Business

If you operate your own Lawn Care Business and you make quarterly tax payments to satisfy your federal income tax withholding requirements, another important tax due date is only a couple days away.

The normal due date for the January payment schedule is January 15.  However, since January 15 falls on a weekend this year and MLK day is January 17, the payment due date is not until Tuesday January 18.  If you are like thousands of other lawn care businesss owners, I am sure you will enjoy the extra couple days to get your receipts in order.

This date may or may not affect your lawn care business.  So, check with your tax professional and read the IRS guidelines on their website:

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October 15, 2010 – Tax Extension Deadline for your Lawn Care Business taxes.

by: Start A Lawn Care Business

Heads Up: today, Friday October 15, 2010 is a Tax Filing Deadline.

Though it has been 6 months since most of us filed our 2009 income taxes, many busy lawn care business owners filed for extensions in April. Well, today is the day of reckoning for those extension filers.

If this task is still looming over your head, you’re not alone. Thousands of “late” filers are expected to complete their forms today. I wonder how many people filed for the extension because they just needed a little more time to get their paperwork in order. Today, six months later, how many of them are still rushing around trying to find receipts and tally up their income from 2009. If that describes you, we wish you best of luck today.

Organization is an important step in operating a successful lawn care business. If you want to learn more about making your lawn care business a success, be sure to check out our Lawn Care Business training package. It is PACKED with very helpful information and business tools.

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Tax Payments for your Lawn Care Business

Hi Everyone:

I just wanted to jot a quick note to remind you that if you own your own lawn care business and make quarterly tax payments, today (September 15, 2010) is the deadline for 3rd Quarter 2010 payments to be postmarked.

These dates always seem to sneak up on us. So, take just a few minutes to calculate your estimated tax and get that check into the mail to the IRS today.

Also, while we’re in a bit of a lull before the leaf raking season really gets into full swing, today is a good day to do some bookkeeping work. The next few months are going to be hectic with leaf raking, overseeding, and lawn aerating. So, take some free time right now to keep your accounting up-to-date.

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June 15, 2010 Quarterly Tax Payments


This is a quick heads up.

If you are running your own lawn care business, you need to remember that today (June 15, 2010) is quarterly tax payment day. If you have generated income this year with your landscaping business, you are likely required to make estimated tax payments throughout the year. Todayt is one of those tax payment days and your estimated quarterly payment must be postmarked before midnight tonight to comply with federal tax regulations.

Running your own grass cutting service is fun but as a small business owner you have to keep up with the paperwork that keeps your business legal.

This blog does not provide any professional tax advice. So, if you have questions about your particular business needs, please consult with a qualified tax professional.

For great information and business tools to help you start and operate your own successful lawn care business, look at the professionally produced business package on our main website at:

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What to do for your Lawn Care Business in April, 2010

This video was made on April 1, 2010.

Right now is a great time to get started with your lawn care business if you haven’t gotten started already. If you have already started and you are not getting the customers you need or making the money you want to make then right now is a great time to ramp up your business. April is not too late to get started. There are still lots and lots of customers who haven’t signed up for lawn care service this year. Likewise, there are many business contracts that still haven’t been bid. So, you still have time to get brand new customers on you roster.

Spring is already getting hot. Our temperatures are forecast to be over 80 degrees this coming weekend. Some of the northern states are still cool but Spring is here and the weather is really going to warm up over the next several weeks. Summer is right around the corner.

April 4, 2010 is Easter. You can pound the pavement this weekend to drum up customers who want their lawns tidied up so they will look nice for family Easter celebrations. Since it is a 3-day weekend, many of your potential customers will be working in their lawns. They will need help and if you can visit them at the right time they may hire you to perform general spring cleanup jobs and grass cutting services.

Clover is an issue this time of year. For lawn care companies with applicator’s licenses you might not be too late to apply post-emergent selective herbicide. A better alternative is to select a taller cutting height for your lawn mower blades. A taller, thicker stand of grass will shade out clover reducing the need for chemical application.

April 15, 2010 is tax day. If you haven’t done your taxes yet, get started early. Organize last years receipts and get your tax forms completed early. Like it or not we are obligated to pay our fair share of taxes. If you have doubts about doing your own taxes, consider hiring a CPA. A qualified CPA who understands small business needs can be invaluable to you.

Wild Garlic or Wild Onion are sprouting in yards this month. Take a few minutes to call your customers to mention about the wild garlic that is sprouting in their lawn. Cutting it down will make their grass look so much better.

April 22, 2010 is Earth Day Your customers are becoming increasingly conscious about taking care of their environment. I believe the lawn care industry should be sensitive to the fact that we should not pollute our planet. There are ways to operate an environmentally conscious lawn care company. Many of our readers and viewers of our blog run their lawn care companies with an environmental slant to their businesses. Propane lawn equipment is becoming increasingly popular. Human powered reel mowers are also becoming the norm again in many communities with very small lawns. Operate an environmentally company and let your customers know how you are being aware in 2010.

Spring Stick Cleanup. April is a month when many pine cones and pine twigs have fallen in lawns across the country. Even if your customers don’t need their grass cut yet, they still need their lawns picked up. On an environmental note, you don’t have to haul all these sticks away or burn them or leave them for the garbage men. Offer your customers the opportunity to have a “natural area” in their lawns. Piling the brush in an unused area give habitat to the birds and other wildlife. It is great fun to watch Cardinals and Robins playing in the twigs. Also, many birds use this material to build their nests. A natural area is a great way to save your customers money while helping their environment.

Once again, if you are trying to Start A Lawn Care Business this year or if you currently own a lawn care business that just isn’t bringing in the money it should, visit our website. We have developed a great lawn care business package that will help you with your lawn care business.

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Tax Day – January 15, 2010

This is a quick heads-up for all lawn care business owners that pay their taxes quarterly; today is January 15, 20010 and it’s time to make your last quarterly payment for the 2009 fiscal year.

If you’re unsure of your tax liabilities for 2009, pay a quick visit to your accountant today. You don’t want to be surprised on April 15 by paying too little today.

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Tax Software for your Lawn Care Business

January has only just begun and already we are thinking about taxes for 2010. 

We have to keep in mind that January 15 is quarterly tax payment day for many small business owners.  But, the bigger looming date is April 15 when the 2009 year-end settlement with Uncle Sam is due.  Don’t delay like you did last year.  Start sorting your expense receipt right now and get your taxes done early so you’re not hustling around at the last minute.

I’m listing some small business tax software below that will help you with your tax preparation chores. has some of the best prices available for this software.  Let us know if you find better deals on tax software and we will pass it along.

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