Summer’s grass mowing season is coming to an end. Leaf raking takes over.

How do I know this? Is it the shorter days? Is it the cooler nights? Is it the lengthening shadows? Is it the falling leaves? Is it the start of football season?

Summer Grass Mowing vs. Autumn Leaf Raking

Summer is coming to an end.

No, none of these things tell me that summer is coming to an end. I don’t need a weatherman or a calendar. I only need to take a walk through my local Walgreens to see a “25% Off Summer Toys” sign to let me know that the lucrative and profitable grass mowing season will soon come to an end.

Actually, if you own a lawn care business, there is NO NEED TO PANIC. Though it is already the end of August, many lawn care companies (especially in the southern states) will be mowing grass well into November. And, if you don’t make enough money mowing grass for the next two month, leaf raking season should easily carry your lawn care business well into next year.

So, when you see signs of summer’s end, rest assured that there are still PLENTY of opportunities to make a TON of money mowing grass raking leaves for the next several months.

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