If you think the leaf raking season is over, you might want to think twice before putting the leaf rake away until autumn.

Last week, after a 7″ snowfall had finished melting, I was driving through a few local neighborhoods checking on lawn conditions.  Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a sign proclaiming: “Leaf pickup. This area next. Last Round.”   This morning, I heard the familiar high-pitched whine of the county’s leaf vacuum as it made one last pass through our city’s streets.  If you’re still hoping to make money raking leaves, don’t give up yet.

While most lawn care customers have long since composted all their leaves, late leaf fall due to winter winds and a procrastinating public make it necessary for leave trucks to make one last pass during January.  If you are in an area of the country where leaf pickup is an ongoing concern even during January, it’s time to grab your gloves and leaf rake so you can make some much needed money during this long winter season.

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Make Money Raking Leaves - Even in January

Leaf Pickup. This Area Next. Last Round