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Propane Powered String Trimmer (weedeater) Review

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Hi Everyone. This is Keith with We are in the beautiful Tennessee Valley at Falling Water Falls. We are surrounded by nature and today we are reviewing an eco-friendly product. It’s the Lehr 4 cycle, propane powered, string trimmer. 
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Environmentally Friendly

Propane power offers lawn care companies greater flexibility. During code red air pollution days in some areas lawn care companies are(voluntarily in some areas) disallowed from using 2 cycle gasoline powered string trimmers. However, they are allowed to use propane power since the pollutants released from the trimmers are less than using 2 cycle gas-oil mixtures.

Propane Canisters

The Lehr model uses 16.4 oz. propane canisters. You can purchase these at most any department store or retail store. They are most commonly found in the camping section. They cost about $3.00 per bottle and Lehr says you can operate the string trimmer for about 2 hours from a full bottle of propane.

No choke. No primer bulb. No mixing of gas and oil.

Refilling the unit is simple. Take a new bottle of propane. Slip it into the housing twist on the coupling. Slide the bottle so the end is flush with the housing then secure the latch.  That’s all there is to it. There is no mixture of oil and gasoline. You do not have to worry about a choke and you do not have to worry with a primer bulb to prime the fuel system.

Once the system is charged with propane one or two pulls of the starter rope starts it right up. The Lehr propane string trimmer starts very quickly and easily. The string trimmer seems to idle quieter than other trimmers. Don’t let the low decibels fool you. The trimmer torques very quickly when you press the throttle.

Lawn Care Safety Equipment

Before using any lawn equipment take proper safety precautions. Ear and eye protection are necessary.

If you need to make an environmental statement with your lawn care company, I highly recommend the Lehr propane powered string trimmer. It is high quality. It is responsive. Your customers will love you for it.

Weedeater is a brand name of the Poulan Company but lawn care enthusiasts often refer to string trimmers as weedeaters.

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