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Lawn Care Equipment Trailer Parking Strategies

Lawn Care Equipment Parking

Do you have lawn care customers with short driveways? Do you have commercial lawn care clients who don’t want you parking in their parking lots? Do you have lawn care stops, without turn-arounds, that force you to back your equipment trailer onto a busy street? How do you handle these problems in your lawn care business while still maintaining safety for your employees and other drivers on the street?

This week, I noticed three examples of lawn care operators who chose to park their vehicles in the roadway. Each lawn care operator displayed a different degree of safety.

What safety procedures do you employ when parking your lawn care equipment trucks and trailers?

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Lawn Care – February 1, 2011

Time waits for no man.

The first month of 2011 has passed us by. If you are a lawn care business owner, you are very likely cheering that Springtime is one month closer. Though there are still many cold days ahead of us this winter, the sun is beginning to creep up on the horizon and a few warmer days are showing up in the forecast. For many of us here in the southeast, we saw temperatures in the high 60’s last weekend and I even saw the first sprouts of wild onions and wild garlic in yards last week.

If you are starting a lawn care business in 2011, RIGHT NOW is the time to get started….like TODAY. Customers are already thinking about getting their lawns cleaned up for springtime and plantings in their landscape beds. Lawn care companies should already be advertising to acquire these ‘earlybird’ lawn care customers.

You surely have many questions about lawn care business startup, equipment selection, advertising, bidding and estimating, and growing your lawn care business. If you are just starting out or if you’re new to the business and want to expand more this year than you did last year, we have developed a comprehensive lawn care business program that will answer you questions about starting and expanding your own lawn care business.

Read more about the business program on our main lawn care business web page:
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Lawn Care Equipment – Winter Maintenance

As lawn care business owners we should all be super picky about continued maintenance of our lawn care equipment.  Engine oil and oil filter changes, multi-stage air filter maintenance, fuel filter maintenance, lubrication, and hydrolic fluid maintenance should constantly be on your mind to keep your equipment running in peak condition.  Though your equipment might stand stagnant during the winter months, you should not neglect a pre-winter maintenance schedule.  We cover both summer and off-season lawn equipment maintenance in our lawn care business guidebook.

As autumn draws to a close and colder days of winter arrive, we begin our winter maintenance proceedure.  Winter maintenance will leave our equipment in perfect condition and ready for springtime one February and March roll around.

When doing maintenance on your lawn care equipment (commercial lawn mowers, weedeaters, edgers, and leaf blowers), you should not forget vehicle winter maintenance.  Keeping your vehicle in top running condition is important to your business but is sometimes overlooked as you spend so much time maintaning your lawn equipment.

Though I will still drive my truck almost everyday, I have performed my pre-winter checklist and maintenance schedule which will allow for confident driving during the snowy months ahead.

My maintenance routine includes:

Change Oil and Oil Filter
Check Fuel Filter
Check Air Filter
Flush and Change Antifreeze
Check Brake and Power Steering Fluid
Fill Windshield Washer Fluid
Rotate Tires and Check Air Pressure and Check For Wear
Check Brakes While Wheels Are Off
Check hoses and Belts
Check All Lights and Blinkers
Equip My Winter Survival Kit

We are amateurs at vehicle maintenance so if you want to learn from the best check out the car maintenance pros at Motortrend.

However, if you want to learn more about running your own lawn care business, check us out at:  Start A Lawn Care Business dot Com

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Starting a Small Lawn Care Business

Is it okay to start a small lawn care business with very little equipment?

It’s funny to think about the different ways people start their businesses. In helping hundreds of people start their own lawn care businesses, I have seen almost every method of business start-up imaginable.

I have seen people start with $100,000 in business loans emailing me for urgent help because they weren’t making enough money to pay back their monthly loan payment. They had beautiful equipment and a brand new truck and trailer but they had no idea how to run a successful lawn care business.

I remember one gentleman emailing me with only $20 in his pocket. I convinced him to buy a rake and start out doing nothing but raking leaves. He bought a rake and some work gloves. That same day, he walked around his neighborhood knocking on doors. He got rejections from the first 10 homeowners but the 11th gave him a $60 raking job. By the end of the day he had done 4 leaf jobs and had enough money to buy a small push lawn mower. He also purchased our Lawn Care Business package to help him learn how to properly estimate lawn mowing jobs.

I dare say $100,000 worth of equipment is no more a guarantee of success than a $20 rake is a guarantee of failure. In fact, I bet the guy with the $20 rake ran a more successful operation than the company with all the stresses of $100,000 in loans to repay.

Start small, estimate properly, and grow where you can.

Good luck:

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Propane powered lawn equipment: grass trimmer (weed eater).

Start A Lawn Care Business

Propane Powered String Trimmer (weedeater) Review

Purchase the new Lehr Propane Powered Line Trimmer here:

Hi Everyone. This is Keith with We are in the beautiful Tennessee Valley at Falling Water Falls. We are surrounded by nature and today we are reviewing an eco-friendly product. It’s the Lehr 4 cycle, propane powered, string trimmer. 
Read more below the video window.

Environmentally Friendly

Propane power offers lawn care companies greater flexibility. During code red air pollution days in some areas lawn care companies are(voluntarily in some areas) disallowed from using 2 cycle gasoline powered string trimmers. However, they are allowed to use propane power since the pollutants released from the trimmers are less than using 2 cycle gas-oil mixtures.

Propane Canisters

The Lehr model uses 16.4 oz. propane canisters. You can purchase these at most any department store or retail store. They are most commonly found in the camping section. They cost about $3.00 per bottle and Lehr says you can operate the string trimmer for about 2 hours from a full bottle of propane.

No choke. No primer bulb. No mixing of gas and oil.

Refilling the unit is simple. Take a new bottle of propane. Slip it into the housing twist on the coupling. Slide the bottle so the end is flush with the housing then secure the latch.  That’s all there is to it. There is no mixture of oil and gasoline. You do not have to worry about a choke and you do not have to worry with a primer bulb to prime the fuel system.

Once the system is charged with propane one or two pulls of the starter rope starts it right up. The Lehr propane string trimmer starts very quickly and easily. The string trimmer seems to idle quieter than other trimmers. Don’t let the low decibels fool you. The trimmer torques very quickly when you press the throttle.

Lawn Care Safety Equipment

Before using any lawn equipment take proper safety precautions. Ear and eye protection are necessary.

If you need to make an environmental statement with your lawn care company, I highly recommend the Lehr propane powered string trimmer. It is high quality. It is responsive. Your customers will love you for it.

Weedeater is a brand name of the Poulan Company but lawn care enthusiasts often refer to string trimmers as weedeaters.

For more information and proper assembly instructions, visit the manufacturer’s website at:
Purchase it from by using this link:

For more information on operating a professional lawn care company, visit us at:

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