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Lawn Care Business – Don’t Be Afraid to Start Small

Lawn Mower Man

Lawn Care Business? Don't Be Afraid to Start Small

Do you want to start a lawn care business but you’re afraid of starting too small?

I took this picture as I was stopped at a traffic light. Yes, it’s a funny picture but you have to admire that this guy is out there making an effort. He isn’t afraid of starting small.

No Money To Start A Lawn Care Business?

I received a call this morning from a man who wants to start a lawn care business but he simply doesn’t have much money and is afraid he won’t be able to compete with the guys with fancy mowers and lawn care trailers full of equipment. I often receive similar calls and I often offer the same advice:

“it doesn’t matter how small you start and how cheap your lawn care equipment is. If you work smart and price your jobs properly you will be able to grow your business quickly.”

We started our lawn care business in 1992 (20 years ago) with a $150 lawn mower purchased from Kmart, a Poulan Weedeater, and a handheld leaf blower. That weedeater was terrible but with this basic equipment we mowed hundreds of lawns in the first few months to earn enough money to buy commercial equipment. With commercial equipment we were able to begin bidding commercial contracts and within a few months were making great money and growing the business rapidly.

Professsional Lawn Care Business Guidebook and Software

During the past 20 years associated with the lawn care industry we have experienced practically every type of lawn care job you can think of. And, we have poured all of that information into the Lawn Care Business Guidebook and Software Package. This is a huge business course that will take you from the very beginnings of your lawn care business (business formation, buying equipment, advertising, gaining clients, setting prices) to the more complex problems (expanding your business, bidding large scale contracts, hiring employees). Practically everything you could ever want to know about running a successful lawn care business is included.

On Sale Now

The business program is less than $50 and you can learn more about it on our main website (click the link at the top of the page). We are always happy to help. So, if you have questions, just let us know.

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Running a Lawn Care Business – It’s Not Always Fun.

Live Strong - Start A Lawn Care Business

Live Strong and Fight Like H*LL

On this lawn care blog, I often write about the benefits of owning a lawn care business. Truthfully, there are many benefits such as calling your own shots, setting your own hours, making the amount of money that you are truly worth, and having pride in owning your own business.

Although there are many positive aspects to running your own business, I do have to be honest with you…some days really do suck. I have had a couple of those days this week. Most of this hassle is accountable to a single customer that is causing one huge headache. Ugh.

I remember the early days of owning my lawn care business. Many days seemed like a never ending headache and a never ending fight. Fighting to cut my costs. Fighting my lawn care competition with good advertising and marketing tactics. Fighting low cost lawn care equipment. Fighting cheap lawn care customers who didn’t want to pay the going rate for lawn care.

Fight. Fight. Fight.

Gradually, as I developed my lawn care business strategies, I found that the number of fights diminished. As I learned the proper lawn care equipment to buy…fight diminished. As I learned how to properly negotiate with customers…fight diminished. As I developed GREAT marketing strategies…fight diminished. As I implemented customer scheduling strategies…fight diminished.

Those “fights” are some of the reasons I developed the Start A Lawn Care Business guidebook and estimating software. My major frustrations were manily due to lack of knowledge and as I learned the business I vowed to help other entrepreneurs (like you) beat the fights and frustrations.

Sure, there will still be a few minor fights and a few minor frustrations along the way but if you start your business right, purchase the correct lawn care equipment, and negotiate the best prices with your lawn care customers, your lawn care business will be a much easier endevour.

If you are interested in having an easier time starting and operating your lawn care business, consider purchasing our lawn care business guidebook and estimating software. It will make your business (almost) fight free.

Live Strong and Fight!!!
Start A Successful Lawn Care Business

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Lawn Care Business and the Recent Unemployment Numbers.

Start A Lawn Care Business

Economists are so funny.  First, they make up forecasts based on their best guess estimates.  Then, when the numbers don’t come in as expected, they claim the unemployment numbers are disappointing.  Everyone gnashes their teeth and the stock market plummets as the television news stations make us common folk feel like the world is coming to {yet another} end.

Maybe the numbers themselves aren’t “disappointing.”  Maybe it was the economic unemployment forecast that was “disappointing” to begin with.

My formal education is in finance and economics.  I earned my degree long before I broke free of the cubicle and started my own lawn care business.  I will alway remember one professor who told me, as I was trying to analyze an economic report, “the numbers can be good or bad, it all depends on what kind of spin you put on them.”


Anyway, what do you guys think about the latest unemployment numbers?  Do you think that they are good or bad for the economy.  How do you think they will affect your lawn care business.  I will tell you what I think.  I think a lowering of the unemployment rate to under 9% is a huge step in the right direction.  As more people are put back to work, more people will have less time at home.  And they will have more money in their pockets to hire out their lawn care services.

One other benefit of more people going back to work is that many guys who were cutting grass as extra income while they were out of work will stop mowing grass.  Less competition in the lawn care industry is good for the guys  who are still doing it and for the guys who are starting their lawn care businesses this year.

So, if these talking heads on TV are getting you down and making you feel there is no hope for your life, turn off the TV and take your destiny into your own hands.  Someone is always going to have a bleak story to tell.  However, we ( speak with LOTS of lawn care industry insiders and we feel we have a pretty good idea of what is going on within the industry.  Lawn care is going to be strong again and we think this year is going to be one of the best years in recent memory for anyone with a lawn care company.

So, wether you are wanting to grow an existing lawn care business or you are wanting to start a brand new lawn care business of your very own, we hope you will stop dreaming and start doing.  Right now is a great time to get started.

We would also like to tell you that if you don’t know where to start and you don’t know how to acquire customers and price your jobs, we have developed an EXCELLENT series of guidebooks and ESTIMATING SOFTWARE to help you start your own successful Lawn Care Business. Maybe by using our Lawn Care Business Estimating Software, you will be able to give better estimates than the economists. 🙂

For more information, read more about the business program on our main website.  Click the link below:

How To Start A Lawn Care Business

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What can your Lawn Care Business learn from Cinco de Mayo?

Your lawn care business can learn a lesson from today’s Cinco de Mayo celebration. Cinco de Mayo celebrates the Mexican defeat of a larger French army on May 5, 1862 at the Battle of Puebla.

New lawn care businesses are often intimidated by larger, well-established landscaping companies. Relegated to small and low-profit customers, new lawn care business owners feel that without the proper equipment and experience they are unable to target large and highly profitable clients. Being pragmatic about equipment capacity and personal ability is a good for a new lawn care business owner. However, abandoning hope of getting the best lawn care customers in town at the very start of a new lawn care & landscaping business is a big mistake.

Being unable (or unwilling) to bid on the best accounts will trap you into forever cutting grass for those lousy customers who pay the minimum amount for their lawn care work.

We believe in knowledgeably and aggressively marketing a lawn care business. Acquiring the best lawn care customers in town is the only way you will make the money you deserve in this business. If you are tired of spending all your time mowing those low paying customers while other lawn care companies are making great money mowing mowing highly profitable clients, just remember Cinco de Mayo and the small Mexican Army’s ability to defeat a much larger competitor.

Do you want to learn how to be competitive on the best lawn care jobs in town. Take a look at our Lawn Care Business Guidebook and Estimating package

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