Proximity Scheduling for your Lawn Care Customers

Our lawn care business program is a heavy-duty course in how to run an efficient, successful, and profitable lawn care business.  We believe that, in order to be successful in your lawn care business, you MUST be efficient in your business practices.  One of the problems new lawn care business owners face is proper scheduling of their lawn care customers.  In our lawn care business program, we teach a practice we call “Proximity Scheduling.”

Drive time, load time, and unload time are huge drains on your productivity.  Having lawn care customers all over town is very inefficient.  Driving to your customer, stopping your lawn care truck, unloading your lawn care equipment, mowing the grass, loading your lawn care equipment, and driving to your next customer half-way across town is a tremendously inefficient way to operate your lawn care business and schedule your customers.

Proper scheduling of lawn care customers can more than double your lawn care business productivity.

Since springtime has yet to begin, right now is a perfect time to take a serious look at your scheduling habits for the upcoming year.  Have you developed a proper strategy of customer scheduling?  Our “Proximity Scheduling” philosophy begins when you start advertising your company.  Proper advertising, initial customer interview, customer setup, route selection, and mowing patterns are all integrated to help you complete each customer as quickly as possible.  The more efficient you are in your lawn care customer scheduling, the more money you should make with your lawn care business.

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