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Mowing Fast Food Restaurants – Quick Money

Mowing Fast Food Restaurants

Mowing Fast Food Restaurants

Make more money in your lawn care business with fast food restaurants.

Mowing the islands as fast food restaurants is an easy way to make more money with your lawn care business.

We have found that these lawn mowing contracts are very profitable to lawn care business owners. Islands at fast food restaurants are easy to mow and they normally do not require large equipment. Once you prove that you can perform the lawn care work professionally, restaurant owners who operate more than one restaurant location will be quick to contract you to do all their lawn care work.

There are a few caveats. The lawn care work must normally be done during non-business hours or when there are the fewest number of cars in the parking lot as possible. Care must be taken to prevent debris from striking cars and customers of the business location. The restaurant owners will negotiate your prices. So, be sure to have a definite pricing strategy when submitting your initial lawn care estimate. Lawn care business liability insurance will be required as will proper licensing of your lawn care business. Finally, your billing will likely be on a net 30 basis so it will take some time to get your money.

If you’re interested in making more money with your lawn care business. Our lawn care business strategy guidebook teaches you how to bid lawn mowing contracts such as fast food restaurants.

To order the lawn care business guidebook and lawn care business estimating software, visit our main website here:
Lawn Care Business Program

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Lawn Care Mowing Contracts – Apartment Complexes

Mowing Contracts - Apartment Complexes

Mowing Contracts - Apartment Complexes

Take your Lawn Care Business to the next level with lawn mowing contracts.

Although we recommend brand new lawn care business owners start small by bidding easily managed lawn care jobs, we believe that properly bidding larger-scale lawn maintenance contracts helps lawn care businesses grow rapidly.

There are several benefits to bidding large scale contracts:
1) Allows the mowing company to take advantage of economy-of-scale of larger jobs
2) Reduces down time due to travel and loading/unloading
3) Increases ability of man-hour multiples
[We discuss how you can take advantage of these and many more benefits of lawn mowing contracts in our Lawn Care Business training course]

If you are looking to take your lawn care business to the next level, large scale mowing contract work such as apartment complexes may help you make more money. Learning how to bid contracts, negotiate with contract managers, purchase the correct equipment, and do the work quickly & professionally will determine how much money you can make from these mowing contracts.

Our Lawn Care Business training course includes a special chapter designed specifically to teach you how to bid larger-scale mowing maintenance contracts. If you would like to learn more about the lawn care training package, please visit our main website:

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Make more money in 2011 than you did in 2010 with your lawn care business.


After our blog post last week warning of the tax day deadline on September 15, 2010, we received a couple comments from people who want to make more money for themselves in 2011. Like millions of other Americans, they had just finished their income tax estimating forms and were surprised how little money they made thus far in 2010. Each of them asked: “how can I make more money with my lawn care business in 2011?”

If you are like thousands of other lawn care business owners, you are probably wondering how you can become more profitable in your lawn care business next year over.

What is the secret of making more money for your lawn mowing business without significant expansion of your services and lawn equipment?

There does not have to be a complicated answer to this question. From our point-of-view, there are at least three ways to make more money with your lawn care business. We are going to briefly outline these three methods in the article below. But if you are truly interested in making more money with your lawn care business, we encourage you to get a copy of our lawn care business guidebooks, training guides, and estimating software available from our main website.

Here is a three point overview of how to make more money next year with a lawn care business without significantly adding equipment or spending significantly more time mowing grass:

1) Get More Lawn Care Customers: Getting more lawn care customers is the first and most obvious solution to making more money with your business. It’s true though; if you are currently cutting grass for 10 customers and you increase your customer count to 20 you should, effectively, make twice the amount of income as before. Actually, if you follow proper route scheduling and other business secrets outlined on our lawn care business startup guidebook, the amount of money you make with a doubling of customers should be more than double. Proper use of economies of scale, better lawn care equipment selection, efficient mowing patterns which will reduce your work time on each yard, and better route planning will combine to help you add more lawns into your already-packed schedule.

2) Make More Money from Each Lawn Care Customer: If you charge your customers only for basic mow-and-go services, you are likely missing an incredible amount of additional income you could make at each service time from each customer. Add-on selling is a great method of boosting your revenue from each customer. Customers who are paying for basic mowing services might not be aware of additional services your company offers. There is always more work to do in your clients’ lawns. Your job, as a business owner, is to advertise all your services to your customers. Keep your eyes open for all additional services you can offer your customers. If you have ladders and the capability to clean gutters mention the positive aspects of keeping gutters free from leaves and debris. Many shrubs need trimming 3 to 4 times each year. Flower beds should be mulched in the spring and fall. Leaf cleanup service is an important addition to most lawn care services during the months of September through November and again in the springtime. Addition of these services is easy and allows you to make extra money from each customer without the need to find new customers.

3) Get Better Lawn Care Customers: Too many times, a young entrepreneur buys a lawn mower and starts accepting anyone who wants their grass cut and is willing to pay any amount to have the work done. Before long, new lawn care business owners have rosters full of demanding customers unwilling to pay the going market price for grass cutting on their small lawns. These customers want to pay only minimal amounts of money to have their grass cut as short as possible every two weeks. While having a small percentage of “mow and go” customers is fine for most lawn service companies, better money can be made off clients who are serious about having their lawns professionally maintained. Weekly mowing, proper blade height adjustments, striping, and knowledge of lawn care problems all help landscaping companies successfully win contracts with better lawn care customers willing to pay a premium price to have professional maintenance of the lawns and landscapes.

Following these three ideas may sound simple but it’s far too easy to fall into the trap of accepting every customers that comes along and bidding the job low enough the make sure the customer doesn’t shake his head and find someone cheaper.

All of us here at understand the difficulty of starting a lawn care business correctly, targeting the right customers, and pricing the jobs properly so you can afford to do excellent work for your customers and still make a decent profit for your business and yourself.

If you want to learn how to run a better lawn care business in 2011 we encourage you to purchase our lawn care business course. The program is designed to help you avoid the traps that many new lawn care business owners fall into. Instead, you will learn proven strategies for starting and running a successful lawn care business.

We’re keeping the low sale price on the program through the end of this month. Learn more on our main webpage:
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