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How To Buy a Lawn Care Business Vehicle

lawn care business truck van

How to buy a lawn care business van

A lawn care business vehicle needs to fulfill the particular needs of your lawn care business.  A specific truck or van that is perfect for one lawn care business might not fit the needs of your lawn care business.

In my lawn care business, I have used vans, large pickup trucks, and small Ford Rangers.  None of these individual vehicles fulfilled all the needs of my lawn care business.  Vans are good work vehicles because you can lock your weedeaters, leaf blowers, and other equipment inside the van.  Trucks are versatile in their hauling capacity.  Small pickups can be kept looking nice and they offer gas mileage that helps with running around town doing mowing estimates.  All my vehicles have been rigged with tow hitches to facilitate pulling a trailer.

I have been shopping for an additional vehicle this summer.  I need versatility in hauling capacity but this vehicle is not going to haul particularly heavy equipment.  I also need this vehicle to get good gas mileage and be able to keep my gear safely locked away.  Also, since this vehicle will not be a “heavy work” vehicle I need it to look good and offer a comfortable ride.  One more thing, I have a limited amount of money to spend.

In my search, I found a 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan.

Although this style of van is normally for passengers, this particular van has been outfitted as a utility vehicle. 

lawn care equipment van

Lawn Care Equipment would be protective with an inner cage.

The seats and carpeting have been removed and a protective inner cage has been installed that will help protect any equipment and gear locked safely inside.

It comes with the 3.6L engine that Dodge puts in some of its heavy duty vehicles.  Though 3.6L Dodge engines have some issues reported online, this engine seems to not have the rattling that affects other engines.  In addition to the positives, this van is affordable enough for immediate purchase.

When I started my search for a new vehicle, I never thought I would consider a Dodge Caravan.  I started by looking for a standard work truck or work van like I have purchased in the past.  However, I believe it pays to be flexible and purchase the equipment and vehicles that “fit” into your particular need.  This vehicle will fit nicely and perform the “non-heavy duty” tasks that will be asked of it.

In your lawn care business, how do you make purchasing decisions for your lawn care equipment and vehicles?  Do you simply purchase whatever comes along at the cheapest price or do you have a structured plan in your purchase strategy to help you make purchases that “fit” into your lawn care business?  I see many lawn care business owners purchasing the wrong equipment and the wrong vehicles.  This costs them money in the long run and negatively affects their business.

If you would like to learn how to make better buying decisions in your lawn care business, our Lawn Care Business Strategy Guidebook & Estimating Software package includes a very handy equipment buying guide that will help you buy the RIGHT equipment for your lawn care business.

To learn more and purchase the program at this month’s sale price, please click here: 

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Starting a Lawn Care Business During Winter (December, January, February)

Hi Everyone:

This is Keith from SALCB.

If you have ever thought about starting a lawn care business or if you currently own a lawn care company and are thinking about expanding your business in the coming year, the next few months (December, January, and February) are target rich months for: performing winter cleanup jobs for your current customers, purchasing used and last year’s model LC equipment, securing new (larger scale) contracts.

Additionally, the customers you acquire during the winter months will be your first customers once spring rolls around. This will give you a solid customer base to grow your business.

Don’t ignore the next few months. You can still make a lot of money during the winter and you will be ready to go in the spring.

My company started our lawn care company 1992. We started small and grew rapidly. We have developed a professionally produced lawn care business guidebook and estimating software package. If you are having problems starting your business, acquiring customers, choosing equipment, doing the work properly and efficiently, and estimating your prices, visit our website to learn more about the lawn care business program.

Once again, our website address is: Start A Lawn Care

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Commercial Lawn Mowing Equipment – Spring Tuneup.

Spring is here and it is time to pull the tarps off the lawn mowers and prepare them for the busy mowing season ahead.

As much as I have always liked to maintain my own equipment, I believe it pays to have lawn mowers, blowers, and weed trimmers professionally serviced at a favorite commercial lawn mower repair shop at least once per year.  Changing oil, oil filters, air filters, and gas filters as well as lubrication service is well within the reach of most all lawn care business owners.  However, perfectly dialing-in a lawn mower is a skill reserved for the repair professionals.  Perfect tracking, carb adjustment, and preventative maintenance inspections will help keep your equipment running smoothly.

Commercial Lawn Mower RepairIf you are like many lawn care business owners, you are well capable of routine maintenance  on your lawn care equipment.  But paying a professional lawn care repair center will help ensure perfectly operating equipment and less downtime in the months ahead.

If you are starting your lawn care company this year and want to know more about proper landscaping equipment selection for your business, we include an equipment selection manual in our lawn care business guidebook.

Learn more on our homepage:
Starting A Lawn Care Business

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Stolen Weedeaters, Trimmers, and other Lawn Care Equipment


As you begin to acquire new lawn care business equipment, take into consideration that your equipment needs to be protected not only from the weather but it also needs to be protected from thieves.

One of our readers sent us an article on a lawn care equipment company that was targeted by thieves earlier this month. This article makes me want to remind you to keep and eye on your equipment while you are servicing your lawn care customers. I have heard many stories of string trimmers mysteriously vanishing while the lawn care business owners are in the back yard cutting grass or blowing off the back deck.

If you can’t keep your equipment within eyesight, consider buying locks for the equipment, keeping it in a locked van, or use and enclosed trailer to keep your equipment safe.

It is very disappointing to work hard making money, pouring that money back into your business by buying expensive and reliable equipment, and having that equipment stolen. Not only is the equipment expensive but it takes time and effort to buy the correct equipment. Being without your lawn mower, trimmer, or blower can cost you a lot of money in down time and you might even lose customers as a result of not being able to service them properly and in a timely manner.

So, do yourself a favor and lock your equipment when it is not in use at your job site. Also, lock it at night when it is stored at your home or place of business.

Be safe out there.

Be a Professional. Our “Start A Lawn Care Business” training manuals and business software will help you develop a professional lawn care business strategy for your business. Want to make more money this year with your lawn care business…check our our course:

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Hauling Lawn Mowers Requires Special Caution

Hauling lawn mowers, either on a landscaping trailer, in the back of your truck, or in an enclosed van, requires special attention from the driver.

This spring, much of the country is getting some wet weather after several warm days. Once hot weather arrives, rain causes oils on the roadway to dispurse and become treacherous. Although always dangerous, lawn care vehicles can be particularly affected by slippery roads. The added weight of the equipment, or the chance of your load shifting, coupled with slick road conditions makes for an even more dangerous job transporting lawn mowers from one job to the next.

Hauling lawn mowers is dangerous on slick streets.

I was driving in the rain today and I wanted to take a couple minutes to remind you to use the upmost caution when driving with your lawn care equipment and be extra cautious when driving in the rain.

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I didn't get anything done today in my Lawn Care Business.

Have you ever felt that way?

I think every lawn care business owner has the occasional day when you put the equipment away at the end of the day only to realize that you basically accomplished nothing. It’s disheartening when you feel like you’re wasting time and losing money. Spinning your wheels is especially difficult for newer lawn care business owners. Keep your head up though. The main point to remember early in the game is that you are gaining experience each day you work on your business.

What has kept you from getting work done today?

If we put our minds to it, we could possibly list 100 different things that keep you from getting work done. Instead of making a list so long, we’re going to hone it down to 3 main reasons for a new lawn care business owner not accomplishing anything during a work day.

1) No Lawn Care Customers – Most new lawn care business owners have days where there are no customers lined up. Don’t equate having no customers with having nothing to do. Stop sitting around moping in front of the computer waiting for your phone to ring. The next time you have no customers scheduled, get up early, load your equipment in your vehicle, and set out with the same frame of mind as you would if you had 10 customers. Go to the coffee shop early. Make sure people know you’re the owner of the equipment. If you don’t get bites by the time you’re finished with your coffee, let everyone know that you can’t hang around because you have a busy day (leave a few business cards). Head over to Lowe’s or Home Depot (or the nearest hardware store) and look at weedeater. When the guy comes over to ask if you need help, ask some questions about the best commercial weedeater they sell. Tell him you need it for your lawn care business and that you would love him to refer some new customers his way (hand him a business card). As the day wears on, think of other places you can stop where people congregate who might need your services. Hand out your business card and make contacts all day long. When you get home, even if you didn’t unload your equipment one single time, don’t be discouraged that you didn’t get anything done. You made great contact and pretty soon those contacts will turn into customers.

2) Lawn Care Equipment Failure – This is probably more disheartening than having no customers. Losing money is worse, to many people, than not making money. When all the people at the coffee shop (see above) are ringing your phone off the hook wanting their lawns done, it will madden you if your lawn care equipment is in the shop. Equipment failures happen. This is just a fact of life. There are a couple keys to reducing your downtime due to equipment failure: buy good commercial equipment and maintain that equipment properly. Change oil regularly, lubricate according to schedule, change filters, keep your outer stage air filter clean, sharpen your blades, and keep your belts in check.

3) Time Management of your Lawn Care Work Habits – Strategic planning is vital to increasing your efficiency as a lawn care business owner. Proper route planning is one of the biggest drains on a lawn care business owner’s time. After route planning, improper equipment selection and use of that equipment causes many lawn care businesses to lose the time value in their business. Knowing how reduce these time sappers will allow you work more efficiently an feel like you’ve actually accomplished something during your day.

If you have recently started your own lawn care business and you frequently feel that your just not accomplishing much in your business, we invite you to take a look at our main website. We have developed a great business package specifically designed for new lawn care business owners. Within the business guidebooks there is a tremendous amount of information that will help you attract new customers, select and maintain the proper equipment, and manage your time to work more efficiently and make more money per hour worked.

You can read more about us and check out the program at:

Start A Lawn Care Business

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2010 is 1/12 over.

Remembering back 1 month ago, 2009 seemed to fly by and was ended long before I though it would. 30 days later I see that the first page of 2010’s calendar is ready to be flipped.

Where does the time go?

February 2010 is upon us. Although February is the shortest month of the year (and often the most wintery), this is the month where you need to work harder than most any other month getting contracts and lining up new customers for your lawn care business.

Municipalities, small businesses, government agencies, and homeowners alike are all beginning the search for this year’s lawn cutters. If you are not out right now pounding the pavement and getting your name in front of these customers, you are missing a potentially huge market of new customers.

Getting customers right now can make the difference between a great year and a financially misserable year.

Early customers are important for a number of reasons. First, you want long term customer for your business. Clients who start with you today have the potential of having their grass cut for the entire mowing season. Secondly, customers refer other customer via word-of-mouth. If you hump it right now, you may very-well be able to fill your roster by the end of February. Can you imagine having a full client list before March arrives. The third reason why you should get busy now is because lawn mower dealers are running early-bird specials this time of year. They want your business early and if you already have money coming in (or, at least, guaranteed contracts) you will be able to get some great deals on commercial lawn mowers and other equipment.

Are you at a loss on how to get customers and lawn care contracts? We have developed a lawn care business guidebook and training package which will help you Start and Expand your lawn care business this year.

Learn more about our business package at our website:

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A Lawn Care Owner's Epiphany

As a new lawn care business owner back in 1992, I remember the day when things started to change for my lawn care business.

My partner and I had been mowing residential lawns for almost 6 months. We were continuously picking up customers and were beginning to make decent money. However, we just weren’t growing the business to the extent I knew we were capable.

An epiphany happened to me that first summer. As I mowed a customer’s lawn, I saw two Navy fighter jets fly overhead. They were practicing for an upcoming air show and were flying low and fast. Even through my hearing protection the noise of their engines made me jump. I stopped my work long enough to watch them make several passes overhead. It was an impressive sight.

For the rest of the day, two words kept going through my mind; performance and efficiency.

Jet fighters scream performance. It is thrilling to watch a jet blaze by at 600 mph 2,000 feet above the ground. This is performance at its utmost. Fighter pilots’ lives depend on their jets.

Fighter pilots also demonstrate the ultimate in efficiency. Every move must be accounted for and no move is wasted. If a pilot needs to steer 15 degrees to the right, he moves his controls only enough to make the turn…no more, no less.

I used these ideas to analyze my lawn care jobs. I quickly discovered that I was being tremendously inefficient in my business. My route planning was inefficient and my mowing patterns on customer’s lawns was inefficient. I was wasting effort at every level of my business and the reasons behind my inability to grow my business became clear to me.

Additionally, I took serious looks at my equipment. It did not scream performance the way a fighter jet screams performance. We started our lawn care business on a shoestring budget. Because of this budget, we purchased inexpensive, slow, non-powerful equipment because it was all we could afford. After taking hard looks at my budget and my equipment, I took swift action of a systematic upgrade of all equipment.

By the end of that first year, I was operating an efficient lawn care business. My routes were well planned. My mowing patterns were designed in such a way that no move was wasted. And, my lawn equipment? Yes, my lawn equipment was hard-core commercial equipment that screamed “PERFORMANCE.”

If you are struggling with your lawn care business because of similar issues that plagued my first year then you should take a look at our Lawn Care Business strategy guidebooks.

We developed this program after 17 years in the business to help newbies and those that need help getting more customers and making more money.

As indicated above, we spend considerable time in the program helping you learn how to be more efficient with your lawn care business. Route planning and mowing patterns are only two of the concepts we discuss.

We also show you which type of equipment to buy. Purchasing the wrong equipment can hobble your business and prevent you from growing as you should. With our guidance, you will be able to purchase mowers that will propel you in your business and scream performance.

The lawn care business strategy guidebook and software program is available from our main website.

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Buy Clearance Commercial Lawn Mowers

2009 is dragging to a close and 2010 is barely a month away. 

Wait!!!  WHAT??? 

2010 is just a month away, I can’t believe we’re already at 2010.

Anyway, this year is no different than any other year in that lawn mower dealers are trying to blow out their old models in preparation for next years crop of commercial lawn mowers.

I see this every year.  If you have the storage capacity and can afford to let a new lawn mower sit idle until next mowing season, right now is a great time to get a good deal on a brand new lawn mower.  If you can’t afford to buy a lawn mower and let it sit all winter, dealers will often give you great deals on financing and start payments in the spring of next year.

2009 Lawn Mower Clearance

You can often save 10% to 20% on old model lawn mower.

As the grass growth is slowing down, take some time to visit your local commercial lawn mower dealers.  You may be able to make a deal on a perfectly new (though slightly outdated) commercial lawn mower.

If you find a lawn mower you want to buy, ask the deal to service it before the sale is complete.  Though oil and other fluids haven’t been used much, get the deal to replace all fluids, check all bolts and fasteners, lubricate all lubrication points, and replace the battery with a fresh one.  If your new lawn mower will be sitting for the rest of this winter, have your dealer add a recommended fuel stabilizer.

If you want to learn more about purchasing commercial lawn equipment for your lawn care business, our guidebook has an entire chapter dedicated to buying new and used equipment.

Check our website for complete information: 

Start A Lawn Care Business

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